Pro-Life Drug store markets beliefs

I wish that were humanly possible in Illinois. We have legislation that may prevent this from happening…but anything is possible if someone is willing to challenge it. I pray that someone will!

This is just out of interest since I don’t live in the US and none of it can affect me but I didn’t notice in the article whether they have some kind of notice on the door of these places so that people can choose to go there or avoid them completely without having to talk to anybody there?

Those of us who live in the UK will remember this event from a short while ago:-

A three page article from the Washington Post on a pro-life pharmacy opening in the area - that is unusual. :thumbsup:

I just think that people should be clear ‘at the door’ about things - the idea that somebody turning up at a pharmacist’s with a prescription is then subject to some kind of lecture on morals is not really on, is it?

I doubt that would be the case. It would rather be a case of “I’m sorry, we don’t fill birth control prescriptions”.

Personally, I feel this is the way a free market should operate. A business should be able to choose the work it does.

On the other hand, I oppose the antics of some pharmicists that have held prescriptions hostage. This cleary crosses the line of professional ethics.


I can’t see why their position should not be ‘advertised’ on the door rather than stated at the point of sale - particularly in societies where there are a number of potential belief structures pharmacists may have that may be offended by whatever range of articles.

The problem, inevitably, would be where there is no alternative supply - more a problem in the US, I would expect, than in much more densely populated and less religiously-oriented Western Europe.

Awesome! We need more pro-life pharmacies! If we had one in our area, it would get my exclusive business. :thumbsup:

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