Pro-Life Feminist voting for Pro-Abortion Politician?


I saw them (though didn’t read it) on Facebook and some people seem to be swayed. How would you respond? I’d love to hear how anti-abortion and pro-life voters here would respond to this (but no flame wars or ad hominem). I’m really sorry if I am swaying people, I don’t mean that, but I do want answers. Please be charitable and civil.

Ted Cruz defeats pro-abortion Beto O’Rourke to hold US Senate seat
Ted Cruz defeats pro-abortion Beto O’Rourke to hold US Senate seat

People frequently get confused about what exactly the moral imperative is. If you think that abortion is the evil scourge of our times, then the moral imperative is to minimize the number of abortions full stop. Making abortion illegal is one possible means to that end. There are others. Indeed, there may be other means which are more effective than legislation.

The problem is that thoughtfulness and compassion regarding abortion is hard; moral indignation is easy and more politically expedient.


What do you think? It seems harsh (to me) to just paint the GOP as the “evil party” (and overlook or “accept” the Democrats) yet I understanding voting R (especially nowadays) to tough to swallow for many folks and voters? Yet does that mean the pro-lifer who opts for the GOP ought to be judged, derided and mocked? Actually, to be honest, perhaps there is a need for humility for both sides (I know I could use some).

That being said, our social infrastructure does need to be reformed. There ideally would need to be better and stronger supports for families for one. Pro-lifers tries to do so with pregnancy resource centers, maternity homes and the pregnancy help movement but obviously more needs to be done.

Sorry for the partisan post, I’m really emotional right now (some other thing as well) so I should probably take a break.


I don’t think you need to lose sleep about voting against Cruz in particular.


Not necessarily about him but I was speaking also in general as well. Sigh I’m tired, I wanted to hear more responses but there seems to be little to none, I tried to scour the comments to see someone speaking out against Ms. De La Rosa but all I found is much support while the opposite is… lacking. I am discouraged. Please forgive me for sounding judgemental, I wanted to hear a counter-response but there is little to none. I am upset, I am very upset, I am upset but life goes on. Pardon if I offended you, just so upset right now.


I get the sentiment. I’m pro-life of the consistent life ethic variety, and I’ve had maybe one Republican I’m comfortable voting for since I could start voting. However, I feel a protest vote for a Democratic candidate who is very supportive of the pro-choice side is the wrong way to go. It doesn’t send the message that you’re tired of the Republican party. It sends the message that you’re willing to give up a pro-life value, arguably the one opposing the most horrifying evil, because someone also says that they’ll support X, Y, and Z.

Unfortunately, it’s something we even saw in last election. I remember multiple pro-lifers saying that they’d vote for Gary Johnson while using all manner of mental gymnastics to discard his pro-choice stance. It was just sad, and for many it was hypocritical.

Personally, I think the better route is to support Democrats for Life of America or the American Solidarity Party or just not voting. The former two are preferable for at least having a vote out there, but all will send a better message than voting for a pro-choice Democrat.


I congratulate you on your struggle. It shows you are thinking. I see far too many concerned only with labels, content to accept “whatever” based on branding alone.

Look inside instead. Evaluate character. Look at what they do rather than what they say they will do. Public service should not look like a war.


With regards to the GOP, I think she is spot on. Seems to me that many candidates stake out strong pro-life stances because they know that there is a certain segment of the population that will vote for them no matter what they say or do so long as they are the “pro-life” candidate.

Sometimes I do wonder if we are not being taken for a ride, to be honest.

If the devil himself ran for office as a Republican and vowed to lead us all into destruction BUT had a 0% NARAL rating, I think many would still vote for him over whoever the Democrat was simply because he was pro-life. :woman_shrugging:t4:


If you’d vote for Hitler, knowing what he supported to protest against the Weimar Republic go ahead but don’t kid yourself. That is what you’re doing.


How to respond? There is no need to rationalize and politicize everything. The answer is:

The murder of children is inherently wrong and always will be.


I will be voting this Tuesday against Beto. I did take a good hard look at the candidates to be fare. The republicans in general disappoint me many times when they open their mouth. I could not overlook the voting record of Beto though. When a bill came up in Texas to administer aid to a baby born alive during an abortion he voted nay to giving aid to the baby. He believes the baby should be left to suffer and continue its path to death. I can’t vote for someone who could view human life so carelessly. Those of us who have a disagreement with policies can work to change them, to help those in need with charity, but who will help the unborn. They are as alive as you or I. They are just going through a stage of development. I stand for the unborn.


I liked the bit where she managed to write–

That’s why I, as a pro-life feminist, voted for [a pro-abortion candidate] knowing full well it might be the end of my career, because women and children are worth that to me.

–without her head exploding at the irony. :wink:

I don’t know how old the writer is, but even someone like I, who live under a rock in la-la land, noticed it at least as far back as the 90’s. Just like the Democrats have kept, what, 90-95% of the black vote for decades, yet black families have disintegrated (over 72% of black children are born out of wedlock vs 35% 50 years ago) and crime/poverty/drugs have risen, and black unemployment is generally twice that of the general population---- they can’t afford to actually fix the problems for real, because then, the numbers might turn like the Hispanic vote, and it might only be 2 out of 3 voting D, rather than 9 out of 10. :wink:

But the same thing is true for the Republicans. They don’t have any incentive to solve the life issue for realz, because that’s the thing that is tying a lot of people to the Republican party. They might prefer the D stance on social services, or the D stance on the military— but as long as abortion is on the table, things like social services or military spending are way, way, way down on the list of priorities.

So, we’ve had George HW Bush (89-93) and George W Bush (01-09). The House and Senate were solidly blue during HW Bush’s years-- nothing happened. The House and Senate were solidly red during Clinton’s years (94-00) – and nothing happened. The House and Senate were red during George W Bush’s first years, and nothing happened, and then turned blue his last two years (07-09), so nothing definitely happened. The House and Senate were blue during Obama’s first years (09-11), and nothing happened. “Give us the House, so we can do something!” And we did, and nothing happened. “Oh, we need the Senate, too!” OK-- so we did that in 2015, and nothing happened. “Oh, we need the Presidency as well!”

And we did that in 2016. But the thing was— Jeb was the one who Party Leadership had put in line. Yeah, there were what, 16 people in the primaries? But anyone who was awake for McCain or Romney knew how that story went. Everyone votes the way they feel for the first few primaries; party leadership muscles their candidate into the spotlight and says, “Everyone needs to rally around our guy!”, and those of us in late-primary state stand around and say, “Uh, hey, there’s still a lot of time left. What are you talking about?!” And enough voters say, “Durr,” that they automatically line up behind the guy who’s been shoved forward, even if they’re as generic and unexciting as McCain or Romney. :wink:


But 2016 was different. The party leadership muscled their candidate into the spotlight— but no one cared a hill of beans about Jeb Bush. Which is normally what happens, but this time, instead of lining up dutifully behind him anyways, because Smart Powerful People Said So, they actually had a real primary for the first time since I can remember. And there was a lot of excitement. A lot of people liked Ben Carson. A lot of people liked Chris Christie. A lot of people liked Marco Rubio. A lot of people liked Ted Cruz. A lot of people liked Rick Santorum. A lot of people liked Donald Trump. A lot of people liked Bobby Jindal. You had real people out there, and real people congealing around them, and the primary season progressed, and candidates retired from the field, and their supporters transferred their loyalties elsewhere, and it was cool, because it was how the system is supposed to work.

But ultimately, instead of splitting the vote three ways a la Perot/Clinton/Bush, an outsider was able to actually hijack the Republican nomination from within, and get the nomination. And a big chunk of that was because voters who had been around the block two or three or four times had gotten tired of politics-as-usual, and thought, “You know, maybe a billionaire with a reality show is more likely to follow through with his promises, because we already know what we get when we elect professional politicians.”

And a whole lotta nuthin’ is coming along— because the House and the Senate hate him. :wink: On the plus side, at least we’re getting a lot more originalist judges into the court system, rather than having the courts act as stand-in legislators when the real legislator can’t get their stuff passed. (Which is how we ended up with abortion, gay marriage, and other constitutional rights getting generated out of thin air.)

So, it’s a process… there’s a few people who are genuine out there, but just speaking in generalities, there’s not a whole lot of difference between the R’s and the D’s, except for the letter after their name. The big difference is how quickly they move. R’s do the same thing as D’s, except they do it much… more… slowly…

And I’d rather vote R to at least put the brakes on, rather than voting D and removing the brakes entirely and undoing all the progress that has been made to protect the children that we can.


Our duty is to respect others. We are to stand up against mockery.

And yes, we all need humility.

Brings back to mind 1 Chron. 7:14 where God told His people the first step is to humble themselves.


I got some sleep and I am feeling much better. Again, this is possibly due to emotional issues The sentiments of some posters here upset me, but who am I to judge (especially where I can see where they’re coming from). In respect to social services, what do you think Midoro, there are so many in need of social support and for one reason or another, they’re unable to access the help they need. There are charities that don’t have the capacity, there are people who can’t rely on their family and community, etc. Meanwhile, the GOP doesn’t look like the party who cares for the disadvantaged, marginalized and the needy. While it’s rather popular to bash the GOP, there are reasons, the Republicans are seen as the “evil party” to be fair, I’m taking these sentiments personally. Either way, I need more humility so I don’t care about what others have to say (well care in the bad way).

I would also like to ask for pardon for anyone I ended up getting to riled up. Not feeling contrite but I realize I was in a place where I was/am sowing strife and while I want answers, posts like these can have consequences like driving people away from the community and from the Forums if not Catholic Answers entirely which could hurt their pursuit of the truth). Again I ask for pardon.



I certainly will not vote for Beto O Rourke, but I am way less than convinced I will vote for Cruz. It’s getting harder and harder for me to vote for the lesser of two evils.


I’ve already voted here in Ohio and I’ve voted almost entirely D this time. I belong to the American Solidarity Party. I believe strongly against abortion and pray for it’s end. However R’s have been unable to deliver an end to it even though they have been in power and in the right positions to do so. We need more ways to stop it than what we are currently trying.

My vote this time has been a vote to stop and hopefully impeach Trump. In my opinion his presidency will do damage for generations to come and has hurt our witness as Christians tremendously.


As a resident of Texas, I’m very aware of how leftist O’Rourke is. I myself used to consider myself a Democrat from high school through college. Although I generally don’t like Republican policies regarding welfare, the economy, foreign affairs, guns, or the environment, I can’t vote for a candidate who is so avid in the pro-choice argument. Believe me, I don’t like Cruz, but O’Rourke is far to dangerous to be in the Senate. We have enough leftists like him already.


There is very little abortion regulation and government control, leading to Gosnell like scenarios. No one wants to regulate that industry because of ‘compassion’ for the women (56 million plus aborted babies is not enough i guess).

David Deleiden exposed planned parenthood and showed how corrupt they were and that they sold aborted baby parts for profit. But he has been charged and put in court, no planned parenthood.

Please don’t fall for the media spin on the pro life issue. They are very much not pro life. They would like to kill the unborn (even after they are born) , the old , the disabled , the mentally challenged (through euthanasia) under the guise of ‘mercy killing’

I like the Catholic approach of caring from the moment of conception to natural death. The Republicans and pro lifers do have issues that need to be worked on but not as much as the extremist anti traditional family the democrats are .

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