Pro-Life Feminist voting for Pro-Abortion Politician?


Political pragmatism?

Are any of these ‘prolife’ politicians going to make abortion illegal? If they try will they succeed? If they they succeeded what will be the cost? These feminists probably know that making abortion illegal may not help. They know that it’s absolutely necessary to destroy the culture that led to abortion in the first place. Destroying rape culture, which includes victim shaming, slut shaming, & objectifying women. Destroying shotgun weddings & the shaming of unintended pregnancies. Destroying discrimination against mothers, which includes shaming public breastfeeding. Destroying violence against women, both pregnant & not pregnant, which leads to violence against children. They probably also know that there needs to be an alternative to abortion, like better health & adoption services, and support for mothers, so their babies & themselves don’t die of starvation or illness. Laws against abortion need to be fair. No just person wants what is happening in El Salvador, were mothers are imprisoned for miscarriages.


Every last single word here is 100% correct.


As opposed to the current health care industry? Right now the health insurance company determines who gives and who takes away, and big pharma is in bed with them.

Right now the attorneys for the Trump administration are in court arguing that current pre-existing law coverage became unconstitutional with the doing away of the penalty which is no longer in effect as of this January.

Let us pray they loose. For those fighting for their lives (cancer, dialysis, diabetes, those in need of transplant or with terminal illnesses) it is a matter of life. Without the availability of life saving medication it will be euthanasia slowly administered to preserve a major industry that currently puts profit above need.

The government has proved more heart than these. When someone’s cholesterol medication is up to 1400/month , and an individual decides not to use it because of this alone, we have a bigger problem then what we had with the ACA.


She says that the “golden rule” of the pro life movement is to vote Republican. That is not necessarily the case. The rule is to vote for whoever is most likely to minimize evil (in this case minimize abortions). More often than not, the republicans are the ones most likely to minimize evil.


Our Lord fed the hungry. Consider the fish and the loaves. Emphasis on the physical necessities and the spiritual He did not neglect. I believe nutrition, housing and health care IS pro-life because it encompasses from conception to grave.


And support for the current president is the exact opposite of most of these things. As the Kavanaugh confirmations were going on the irony was striking.


Not everyone needs the government to provide a safety net.


Jesus performed MIRACLES!

We have free market economics.

Free market economics has lifted billions of people worldwide out of poverty in the past two generations alone. It has brought consumers an embarrassment of riches worth of product variety. It rewards talented people for talents that dictators or central planners would never have even thought to exploit. This column reviews ten great reasons to be very thankful for the wonders of free market economics.


The United States does not have a rape culture. In fact, rape accusations are a pretty effective weapon over here.


Bottom line a vote for abortion is a death sentence to another individual that God has willed to exist. It’s not for us to decide who dies and who lives.


The author of that article gets it…


Or she doesn’t.


She has some good points about how a truely pro life person doesn’t fit anywhere. She lost me when she went into the tired “but Democrats do a better job of stopping abortions” nonsense.

You want women to stop feeling pressured into abortion? Then start by addressing the very things that lead so many of them to that desperate choice in the first place.

I mean sure maybe I care if women feel pressured to have an abortion. Thats certainly bad. But first and foremost I don’t want her to have one no matter how she feels. I frankly don’t care if we have to put these murderous women in straight jackets. You can’t kill your own kids, born or unborn. It’s not that hard to understand.


People like this act like people only choose abortions because they are in dire straights. The truth is is that, even if we are prepared to hand someone considering abortion everything they need to sustain another human being for the first 18 years of their lives, people would still choose abortion because they can’t be bothered to carry that baby to term. People choose abortion because they genuinely do not believe that that is a life they are taking. It is just another form of contraception. And, if you are not in a position to raise a child, there are safe haven laws everywhere. Completely anonymous.


Happy Cake Day!


But if capitalism means an economic system not firmly circumscribed by a framework of laws and rights and an “ethical and religious” understanding of human freedom, “then the reply is certainly negative,” ………Saint Pope John Paul II on capitalism and the free market~ part of the encyclical “Centesimus Annus” which celebrated the 100th anniversary of Rerum Novarum.

Every other decade or century we need a reminder of the pitfalls of unfettered capitalism within the “free market”…and I’m with him!~!~!~!~!~

He states (and this clarifies it) for those that refuse to read, and believe somehow the Republican party has captured that Spirit…which it clearly has not, this is for you my friend:

"The free market is the most efficient instrument for utilizing resources and effectively responding to needs," the Pope said. “But there are many human needs which find no place on the market,” he immediately added, and many people without the purchasing power to meet their needs through the market"…………He then went on the clarify the “negative” aspect as already stated above.

A free market within a judicial framework that protects a consumer, YES. Unfettered (or unbridled) NO

This is why I love the Church. In her wisdom from over 100 years ago, our Holy Mother still has it right today.


free market = voluntary association


good grief Monte, when you’re talking about a “free market” please take it from the school of Catholic thought…A great place to start are the encyclicals listed above.


Prior to ACA, individuals could purchase insurance against ruinous medical bills.

We could return to that system.

You would shop around based on features and costs.


And now you’ve jumped to the ACA.

What is it Monte, what would you like to discuss?

The free market or the ACA?

ps: I get where you’re going now. BUT please be aware the ACA was originally thought out by a Conservative think tank and first utilized when Romney was a Governor in Massachusetts, and implemented in 2006…Check out Romney Care…

It was lauded by the highest conservative freedom caucus’s as a wonderful “free-market” concept health care initiative because it allowed persons to ‘shop’ for what they needed…

Homework is your friend Monte

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