Pro-life group challenges UK MPs on imminent same-sex ‘marriage’ bill

Pro-life group the Society for the Protection for Unborn Children (SPUC) has petitioned every UK MP to vote against the Prime Minister David Cameron Government’s Westminster same -sex ‘marriage’ bill that—could be presented as early as next week—and vows to campaign against any MP who votes for it.

Full report:

“Marriage is embedded in the fabric of society,” SPUC’s letter states. “Marriage is unquestionably the best setting for children to be conceived, born and raised and to receive their first education. The marriage-based family is also (and critically for us who defend unborn children) the safest social context for new life.”

So are they saying the single folks can’t adopt kids?

I think they’re wasting precious resources fighting this IMO. It really has nothing to do with abortions.

I was wondering why a pro-life group was involved in this. I get that it’s a Catholic group, but I always thought a pro-life group focused on abortion.

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