Pro-Life Groups Call for National Boycott on Girl Scout Cookies


American Life League has joined other national pro-life and local organizations in calling for a national boycott of Girl Scout cookies, saying Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) is no longer an organization that can be trusted with the shaping of young girls.


What do we do when the cute daughter of a friend asks us to buy cookies? Say no and don’t say why? Explain that the Girl Scouts’ agenda is against our Church? I just don’t know what to do about a nine year old who probably doesn’t understand the issues. Much as I detest what is going on in Girl Scouts, I’m totally at loss as to what to do when someone asks me to buy them…



I’m going to buy 12 boxes this year instead of my usual six.

There is nothing wrong with giving girls sex education. Sex education reduces unplanned pregnancies. Unplanned pregnancies lead to abortion.



Do you know what kind of sex education they are providing? Do you know they are working WITH Planned Parenthood? Do you know some of the material is extremely inappropriate for girls…the how to parts for example?

Is GIRL SCOUTS supposed to be teaching sex education? Look at their charter. Good grief, when I was a scout we earned badges for learning skills and to be better citizens, not learn how to put on a condom



Pornographic sex ed is okay with you? Telling girls it’s okay to sleep around? Spitting on motherhood as a career is okay?

I will never buy gs cookies again and haven’t - plus they have junk ingredients I avoid.

Btw, only parents should teach their children sex ed. Not the #1 provider of baby murder!


You know I wish that Catholic Churches would stand up to this issue. Every year we run the gauntlet of cute little girls, daughters of friends, out in the Narthex with their cookie orders. It’s hard to say well I can’t buy cookies becasuse GSA supports Planned Parenthood when our Church lets them sell the darned things after Mass :mad:

You’re right they are made of junk, very expensive and I think the girls are being exploited. But again when it’s the daughter of a friend…what do you do?



What I want to know is why G.S. feels the need to educate girls on sex? Doesn’t pretty much every middle and high school already cover sex ed? Besides, they’re going to give biased lessons reflecting their opinion that pre-marital sex and abortion is ok, when some girls could be coming from a family that’s totally against those things. Those girls will be confused and will probably end up following their peers. Just another reason for me to feel grateful that I wasn’t a girl scout as a kid.


No, “sex education” doesn’t reduce unplanned pregnancies. Not having sex reduces unplanned pregnancies. And that isn’t the message the GSA is giving to the little girls. Think about it for a second. GSA is partnered with Planned Parenthood. PP is providing the sex ed materials. Now, ask yourself how does Planned Parenthood make money? It is a business after all. The answer, of course, is providing abortions.

Now ask yourself, does PP really want girls to have less abortions? Do they really want to make less money?


Have not bought Girl Scout cookies for years. IHR aired a program regarding what the Girl Scouts supported, that made it easy for me to say no thank you to the cute little girls.


Say you’re on a diet, or that they’re starting to add ingredients to the cookies that you’re allergic to. Or even explain the situation to the girl’s mother so she’ll tell her daughter not to sell to you.


As a parent, I’m easily alarmed by ANY organization telling me they are going to give my kids sex education!

That’s out of line in my book. That’s our job as parents, thank you.


Go ahead and say “No thank you” politely. Say no more.


I wouldn’t buy them for anything. And I wouldn’t hesitate to say why, either, and won’t if the occasion arises. We either believe in Church teachings or we don’t, and if we do, we shouldn’t be afraid to say it.

Having said that, I probably won’t be confronted with it because this is a pretty conservative part of the country, religiously speaking, and the participation in scouting is dwindling to the near vanishing point. Rightly so, in my opinion.


Just to note (and I’m not advocating for purchasing GS Cookies) but buying the cookies from your neighbor’s daughter (or any girl scout) because they are cute or b/c you like the cookies, or to be polite, etc is remote material cooperation with evil and is not sinful (not even venial sin). For buying GS Cookies to be an evil act, you would have to buy them for the purpose of supporting the Girl Scouts because they work with Planned Parenthood.

In other words, it’s okay to boycott and it’s okay to purchase them.

I’d also add that if you are boycotting something, making up other reasons why (eg I’m on a diet) undermines the whole point of the boycott. If you really want to boycott the cookies, you ought to tell the girl, her parents, the local troop, and even write a letter to the GSA telling them exactly why you no longer are purchasing their cookies. If MLK starting boycotting the buses and had everyone telling people they just preferred to walk for health reasons, we’d still have segregated buses today.


Thanks for the suggestions. I will just say no thanks. I’ve not bought any from girls other than at church for years. But when they make a personal appeal…I feel bad as I know the girls are pressure to sell them. Also agree with Ridge…getting to be fewer and fewer. Sunday at Mass boy and girl scouts were asked to wear their uniforms and be recognized. I think there were only one or two. In the past we’ve had ten plus, especially Boy Scouts.



Would that include the school system??


Good suggestions!

As for myself, I will never buy GS cookies again. Shameful what they are trying to teach our young girls. Makes me livid.:mad:


Especially the school system.


You’re not doing the Girl Scouts any favors on this forum with this sort of “compliment.” :wink:

The Girl Scouts do not do sex education. If they did, then I would have a problem with buying their cookies. As of now, the only reason I don’t buy their cookies is because they are expensive and I’m trying to lose weight. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess it’s that time of year again, though. Time for all the internet accusations to make their resurgence.


Teaching a child sex education doesn’t make them sexually active. Neither does teaching a child math make them a physicist. There is nothing wrong with sex education for children. It is good for them as is all the education they need to be successful adults.

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