Pro-life groups celebrate court ruling


District court Judge Lee Yeakel has tossed out an Austin city ordinance declaring it unconstitutionally vague. The ordinance would have required pregnancy resource centers to post signs about services that they did not offer. Specifically services related to medical care including abortions.

The Ausitn city council unanimously passed the ordinance in 2012. Shortly thereafter a legal battle started.

“I felt like we needed to stand up for our rights,” said Pam Cobern, the executive director of Austin LifeCare.


So I wonder what kind of sign would have been acceptable? Would " we don’t kill children here" have sufficed?


I wonder if the City of Austin has passed any ordinances requiring abortion clinics to post signs stating:
“We say we’re about CHOICE, but we only support one of those choices here.”

Pot, kettle and all that jazz…


Probably not. They probably want something along the lines of - “We are evil hateful mysogynists who want to restrict your God given right to abort the parasitic clump of cells that has invaded your uterus against your will. For loving, caring help with curing your dibilitating affliction please leave immediately and seek out a Planned Parenthood or other abortion provider. You’ll be happier for it.”


“Vague” is an understatement. A sign posting what services they do not offer?

“We do not offer abortions, open-heart surgery, car repairs, music lessons, baseball cards, tax services, wedding photography, …”

It seems the sign would need to be quite large.


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