‘Pro-life’ John Kasich threatens to veto new bill banning abortions on babies with heartbeats


Amen to that!:raised_hands:


I did grow up and now I am a Republican.


I liked him once, but after he left the Catholic Church, my fascination wavered.


It doesn’t. And I am not pleased with the implication that I “favor” such a practice.


Did I say you? You made a comment about your libertarian youth. I made no comment about libertarianism.


But this isn’t a pure pro-life position either, especially since it makes the Hyde Amendment irrelevant, among other things. I have frequently brought up the case of Illinois where one Republican governor signed a free abortion bill on the fear RW would be overturned. Almost immediately the number of abortions performed spiked four times there.


There are plenty of other liberal States for people to go for abortions.


Yes, overturning Roe only frees the states to make whatever abortion laws they want. Places like Texas, South Carolina, etc would undoubtedly outlaw them. States like California and New York would undoubtedly keep the law as permissive as possible.

I think having Red states freed to outlaw or massively restrict abortion is a good thing, but frankly it still leaves us in a very Dredd Scott-type situation. Go to South Carolina and an unborn child is legally an individual and protected. Go to New York and that same unborn child is legally a collection of cells to be discarded until the moment of birth. It’s nonsensical and unsustainable. Ultimately what we need is a Supreme Court case that definitively rules that unborn children have legal protection starting at conception because they are individual human beings. Or we might need a Constitutional amendment, just as we had after the Civil War.

But refusing to pass laws that protect unborn children as much as possible, or forces the question onto the courts on the basis that Roe is “the law”, is at best a cowardly strategy and at worst an indication that one is only playing lip service to being pro-life to get votes, while actually supporting abortion.


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Way to go John Kasich. Planned Parenthood will possibly even consider you for the next Margaret Sanger Award!!!


He’s such a great politician. Terrible Governor but a great politician.


He was at least in rhetoric. Maybe it was just he wanted to win in a conservative district and so he took the conservative persona. Politicians are the best actors.

But I too remember thinking he was a good conservative back then. My views on politics have changed a lot since then.


I don’t understand what you are trying to argue here.

Why would this be a bad thing?


People here seem to be unfamiliar with John Kasich.

Also, at the point we are at in Ohio, his potentially vetoing HB 258 because of a lack of exceptions for rape and incest, yet including exceptions for medical reasons, seem reasonable at 6 weeks or earlier. If the bill passes with a veto override then so be it. It may be a moot point anyway as Gov Kasich is facing term limits, and Gov-elect DeWine has said he would sign it into law.


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