Pro-life leaders aim at cultural change after election losses

There ya go. Ideas that can really work.

Yoest also pointed to the importance of changing minds and hearts through one-on-one engagement with women in need.

She cited efforts to partner with pregnancy care centers to show women that although abortion may be a legal option, it is not a good option.

“By working with those women, we shape the culture,” she explained.

I’m sorry it took 40 years for people to figure this out.

Uh, at the very beginning we said this, and people were constantly told that the Church was wrong. That individual Catholics were wrong. “Keep your beliefs off my body!” Churches didn’t turn away pregnant young women looking for help, but they sure didn’t tell them to get an abortion.

And Supreme Court Justices can be incredibly wrong, even today.

Women and men always had the ability to choose when to have sex or not, except in cases of rape. But no. What were women told in the early days? “It’s just a blob of tissue.”

We, as a country, were lied to by an organized group, just prior to the Supreme Court’s deadly decision that has allowed the deaths of millions. Right before and right after passage, we were told that “abortion would be rare.” More lies.

The writer, a Jewish man, later became Catholic.


For the last 40 years, the majority of the focus has been about electing someone who would change the LAW. The suggestion in the article is that the majority of the focus needs to be about changing people’s hearts.

That’s my understanding too. My own thoughts are that there has to be a point where too much negative campaigning becomes counterproductive. It certainly wasn’t the lack of money which caused the defeat of those whom the pro-life leaders supported. And this money could have better spent to provide and promote abortion alternatives IMO. Now it’s gone and Rove et al have to answer for it.

I was there for each of the last 40 years, and the Christian groups were trying but the media gradually turned into its support to anything goes. The Church has always been about changing people’s hearts, the enemy is also at work trying to change people’s hearts.

The law is wrong and has been wrong for 40 years. And the Church’s goal is to overturn Roe v. Wade - always has been.


Money? God is our main source of strength, not money.


This is already being done. A lot of young people are doing good work. Organize a car wash to support a local pregnancy center A little sweet to get a conversation started Success by prayer; lives saved and “clinics” closed. Raising awarness one step at a time.

I don’t recall anyone saying that these things have not been done. I’ve been a part of it at parishes I’ve belonged to for years.

I’ve been here for the last 40 years too-and the focus has always primarily been on the legal solution. Vote for this person, vote against this amendment, vote for that amendment-and after all these years NONE of that has worked. Every election since I was 18 was the election that was going to give the Supreme Court the right balance to overturn Roe…and I haven’t been 18 in a LONG time.

I don’t think anyone is saying that we should abandon the legal solution totally-but after all these years perhaps, just perhaps a shift in emphasis might not be a bad idea.

A lot of States have limited abortion, I’d say it would be close to illegal without the Federal government’s intervention at the State level. Sebellius and Obama are friends of Big Business Abortion. A lucrative business.

A shift in emphasis is indeed a good idea.

To be in a business a business needs – customers. By getting information to women who are seeking abortions hearts and minds can be changed.

How many are aware that 96% of women that see an ultrasound image of their child decide not to have an abortion? IF 96% of any business’ customers went away how long would that business stay in business? Getting ultrasound equipment into pregnancy centers is crucial.

A baby’s heartbeat can be detected as early as 21 days after conception. These ideas and images have an impact on women’s thinking.

God bless

I’m starting to feel this way as well. I used to go on the March for Life. I just don’t feel like it’s the way to go anymore. In reality, none of the politicians are really going to do anything about it anyway. All talk, no action.

Not all, I’m no expert but a lot of abortions already have an ultra sound as part of the operation.

With Abby Johnson, she was director of a Planned Parenthood, I read her book, think it’s called Unplanned.

She worked in the office and one day, the doctor and nurses were short a worker so she went in to help.

They saw the baby in the ultrasound, the tube went in, the attending physician did the work and said “Beam me up Scotty” and the baby was sucked away. And this is when shortly after, and I think that same day, Abby did not notify Planned Parenthood she was quitting but indeed did leave the scene shortly after to never to return to work, skipped out.

This part of the book is online for anyone to read.

You are more like all talk, no action, lots of strides have been made, no reason to go through this rigamarole again, support abortion if you wish but don’t tell others that they don’t do anything, Planned Parenthood has been defunded by politicians, people can support baby genocide but don’t tell untruths. Don’t insult people who actually accomplish something for the weakest and most innocent.

Life News, Life Site News, those websites show plenty is done.

These kinds of posts seem more to be about yanking people’s chains.

Obama held up payment to men in uniform for planned parenthood, the Federal Government and Democrats fight to kill all the unborn they can if States and Republicans assert rights. It is too bad some people lack the integrity or are not informed to understand what is going on.

During the past decade, there has been some political headway in restricting some abortions or making access to abortion more difficult. I’m not sure that this strategy can be considered ineffective.

However, US attitudes towards abortion have been essentially frozen in place for the past 40 years.

If the pro-life movement were to address the goal of changing the culture, that might be helpful in promoting legislative change. As it is now, the issue of abortion can cost politicians the election, e.g. Mourdock of Indiana, if they stray too far from the center position.

It could be said that things like Mourdock was from how he said it. The Pro Life organizations are working on this.

Still, things like what Mourdock said and what Akin said are nothing like Obama’s actions of voting against letting babies born alive live. It’s just that the Left have the mainstream media in their pocket.

Possibly, but I think his position of no abortion even in the case of rape is out of tune with the mainstream of US voters. Given the emotional nature of the issue, the hardline pro-life position costs votes. Changing the acceptability of abortion in those exceptional cases (rape, incest, mother’s life in danger) will be a tough sell.

Most Americans seem to have an ambivalent attitude towards abortion: not entirely comfortable with it, but wanting it available for extreme cases. But that still gives the pro-life movement plenty of room in the middle if they want to change the attitudes of Americans.

I don’t know the situation in other countries, however.

The pro-life movement is seeing a problem with HOW they said these words, it was shocking to hear a word like “legitimate rape” when what was meant was “actual rape”.

Rebecca Kiessling, a pro-life attorney conceived in rape, says the problem is not that they hold the pro-life position opposing abortion in such circumstances but that the answer to the question left them set up for criticism.

It’s how they said it.

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