Pro-life Leaders Face Death Threats, Require Protection From Abortion Rights Radicals

"Pro-life Leaders Face Death Threats, Require Protection From Abortion Rights Radicals

June 16, 2009 - In the aftermath of the shooting of late-term abortionist, Dr. George Tiller, American pro-life leaders have been receiving death threats prompting round-the-clock protection from authorities.

Jill Stanek, vilified last week at MSNBC, is the Illinois nurse who exposed the practice of abandoning babies that survive abortions. She has tracked and reported on the career of Dr. Tiller for years at her blog. When I asked her this week about her own safety in wake of the shooting, Stanek said that she, along with Troy Newman of Operation Rescue and Fr. Frank Pavone at Priests for Life, had been receiving credible threats from a “troubled man involved in the abortion industry.” Jill said that this individual is the child of a pro-choice advocate/writer and his mother had aborted several of his siblings. Following the Tiller shooting, the stalker emailed Stanek again. Federal agents are currently monitoring his movements."…

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As a pro-life Sidewalk Counselor at our local Planned Parenthood, our method is based upon the Karen Black Method of Counseling:

Basically, but not wholly. Our approach is different, and there are different ways->to the same end. Father Frank Pavone states that people won’t end abortion, until they SEE abortion. We don’t have the graphic signs. We, with love-work with what we think is happening within the mother’s head.

She is like a cornered animal, panicked. She is not thinking of her “baby,” she’s thinking about quick relief from the “problem” she has, the mess she is in.
We explain that she deserves better than this. She can walk out of that clinic at any time.

I love to hear especially, the college-aged students’ voices on our side. They sound like angels to me. Sometimes, a mother needs to hear an older mother’s voice.
“Good morning Mom…” we sometimes start. Wherever the Spirit leads (we pray to God the Holy Spirit to guide our words beforehand).

My group is the one that started and coordinates “40 Days for Life”:

God doesn’t require us to succeed; he only requires that you try.
-Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

+Peace In Christ.

One more thing: With us, the honking horns outnumber the crass remarks.

Ours is a peaceful presence:

If you have never prayed outside an abortion clinic, try it sometime. Surreal. Especially on Abortion day.

You can do a lot of good on other days. Mondays are big for the “morning after/RU486” pill (weekend).

The condoms sold at PP are ranked the highest failure rate by Consumer Reports. Why? Because they are an Abortion Clinic!

PP sets these young men and women up to need an abortion later. They will dispense birth control pills to young women in the lowest dose (not regulating for the individual like a doctor would-due to biology or weight). Why? So they will need an abortion when she ovulates and conceives.

There is a massive deception going on.

Like Shawn Carney says in the video, God will end abortion-in His Time. We’re just trying to save a life, and save a lifetime of shame and heartache to the mother. There are 2 deaths in an abortion. One, the death of the child, and two, the death of the soul of the mother.

+Peace Be With You.

I totally agree here. I think the signs are useful but maybe not necessarily at that exact moment. These mothers are thinking in a completely and wholly self-centered way. I mean, our whole society is completely narcisisstic, and I think this needs to be addressed more by the pro-life community. I feel it is hard to start at a place of compassion for the baby, for another human being completely innocent in this situation, when honestly the majority of people are only focused on themselves. I really think humanity is just that depraved right now.

Not to say these women’s concerns aren’t valid - I know that fear. It is irrational, but it is what it is. :shrug:

But then again…it works also. Maybe because the mother had a seed planted by her parents when she was younger, and that lesson comes back to her. The pregnancy is actually a child.

I have always had a hard time believing the people who said they didn’t know it was a baby. PP said it was a blob of cells. Not even having biology in h.s., my science classes told me enough.

…but then again, with the “dumbing down” in public schools (and, I believe it is happening)-this is but 1 of the results.

What a shame.

I know many women who have had abortions. One had 3. Two are forever sterile because they were botched. One killed herself (outside-in the barn/shot herself in the head) 2 years ago right before Christmas, over 30 years after her abortion, while her husband and 2 teenage daughters were in the house.

Long-term effects. They all lose a part of their “motherhood,” and cannot function in some way-somehow.

Abortion not only hurts women—it screws them up. I have seen this for years. And, I have had a lot of friends, as we have moved, zig-zagging the USA for my husband’s job.

+Peace Be With You.

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