Pro-Life leaders outline strategy to defeat Planned Parenthood
If this succeeds, then it will be a major victory!

Who cares? PP is responsible for only a tiny fraction of abortions. We act like they are the worst. Private individual clinics kill more. Defeat PP and not much will change.

Guess you missed this part of the article then:

"Not only is Planned Parenthood the nation’s largest abortion provider with a long history of targeting the young and vulnerable, especially minorities," remarked Scheidler in presenting the Joint Statement, “but they are currently undergoing a massive expansion effort, fueled in large part by taxpayer dollars.” The Statement notes that Planned Parenthood performs over a quarter-million abortions per year and receives over $300 million in government funding."

No, I got it. 3% of their money comes from abortions. I don’t like it, but there are a whole list of things I don’t like our tax money going to. PP is the largest single abortion provider. Not including them, we still have one million abortions being provided in private clinics.

Would you agree that some of their money is spent on passing out contraceptives…well in fact, contraceptives are abortifacents, and that also causes chemical abortions that are not counted in the 3000 babies that are aborted daily.

I don’t want my tax money being spent in that way either or for the lobbying or law suits against pro-life groups or “graphic so-called sex education websites either” not to mention their PAC groups…and also have Planned Parenthood make a major big profit as well with tax payer money. Their ceo’s make mega salaries.

PPFA’s Annual Report doesn’t specify just how much money it takes in from abortion. But it does lay out the group’s overall revenues and expenditures for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2006.
During the ‘05-‘06 fiscal year, the report says that Planned Parenthood had $902.8 million in total revenues. Thirty-eight percent, or $345.1 million of that came from “Health Center Income” or clinic revenues.1 Another 34%, or $305.1 million, came from “Government Grants and Contracts,” coming out of the pockets of taxpayers via their federal, state, or local governments.
At $162.3 million, “Private Contributions and Bequests” accounted for only a quarter (24%) of the group’s revenues. Income from the Guttmacher Institute, Planned Parenthood’s special research affiliate, at $7.2 million. “Other Operating Revenue,” at $33 million, constitutes the remaining 4%.[FONT=Trebuchet MS]Planned Parenthood spends $45.2 million on “Public Policy.” On the pages referenced by this item, Planned Parenthood crows about the “abortion bans” the group challenged in court and the fight they led against “anti-choice” justices John Roberts and Samuel Alito. PPFA says that it “worked collaboratively with 19 pivotal states that are a part of our Mobilizing to Win initiative, which identifies and organizes grassroots supporters to protect access to abortion care…” [/FONT]

Hey, I’m with ya. It’s just that we have a long way to go. A LONG way.

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