pro life movement

I am very interested in pro life. I would love to get involved. How can I find out more?

The Sisters of Life ( have a group of pro-life volunteers called “Co-Workers of Life”:

The Co-Workers of Life
A large and growing network of faithful laity, the Co-Workers see the Sisters of Life as the bridge that connects their desire to do good with those in need. The gifts they have offered to women, many of whom have been rejected by those closest to them, have been a source not just of practical assistance, but of hope in the goodness of life.

What do our Co-Workers do?
They share their talents, time and their very selves in service to pregnant women in need. Based out of local or parish communities, each group has a Visitation coordinator who locates needed resources within the local community. Women with the “heart of Mary” offer friendship and availability to pregnant women in need while families and single women open their homes as Holy Respites. Men put their gifts towards projects like moving furniture and building cribs or in mentoring the father of the baby in learning to support the mother of his child.

Spiritual leaders, business professionals, medical doctors, counselors and lawyers assist with their services, while throughout the country, college and university contacts help with placement and transfer credits for vulnerable pregnant women. We praise God for the Co-Workers of Life now and into the future. In their gifts, small or large, they have made an eternal difference!

If you are interested in becoming a Coworker of Life or attending a Co-Worker Training Day in order to learn more about how you can put your gifts at the service of others, call us:

United States: (347) 843-8900
Canada: (877) 543-3380

If you are interested in joining our mission to build the culture of life, sign up to be a Co-Worker of Life by clicking the appropriate link below:

For the United States, click here.

For Canada, click here.


Highly recommend checking out 40 Days for Life.

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