Pro-life movements in other countries?

Are there organized, politically oriented pro-life movements in any Western democracies other than the United States, with an eye towards changing the laws in those countries to outlaw or restrict abortion?

Or is the legalization of abortion just accepted as an accomplished fact in those countries, with pro-life activity confined to persuading women not to have abortions?

I know that Poland and Malta have fairly restrictive abortion laws, but most of the others have laws approaching abortion on demand (in some cases with medical review).

Yes, in Canada, there is the March for Life that we have every year:

And there’s also the Campaign Life Coalition based in Canada:


To varying degrees, yes, though the US is rather extreme in that its movement is highly partisan.

Here in Argentina we are right now fighting against a project for legalising abortion. Sadly the majority of teenagers have been brainwashed by the feminist propaganda.

Here abortion for rape is legal since various years. We should fight about that too but I think many pro-life politicians and movements think it is too far :roll_eyes:

Another anoying thing is that, even though the project was rejected in congress last year, the pro-choicers sent a new one this year, so it seems the tactic is just to cause attrition until there are enough pro-choice congressmen to aprove the law.

In Italy a large portion of Ob/gyn doctors do not preform abortions due to moral objections.

There is one in the UK, but it’s a (thankfully imo) pretty fringe view. I think Life who run Life Health Centres for people in crisis pregnancies, and with a somewhat dubious degree of separation, Zoe’s Place which is a small group of children’s hospices are the main protest group. However, public opinion is against them and it looks likely that reproductive rights will be extended to Northern Ireland as well if public pressure continues to build as it is doing.

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