Pro Life Movie Recommendations

Hello Friends:

The pro-life group at my parish is just starting out after a long absence and I was blessed to be a founding member of this new ministry.

We are looking for ways to do fundraisers to get us off the ground. We are going to propose to our priest to hold movie nights and charge a minimal amount as well as sell snacks and drinks for the attendees.

We were thinking of starting out with Bella since it's such a wonderful story. I'm looking for ideas for other movies to show. We will probably try to do this once a month. They don't necessarily have to be specifically about pro life issues but certainly not contrary to Catholic teaching. I would also like for them to be uplifting or to celebrate all of the gifts that God gives us everyday even if this is done indirectly.

Our priest is very devoted to the pro-life cause so he will probably say yes! Of course he will go over the movie selections :)

Thanks in advance and I humbly ask you to pray for us so that we have the strength to take this ministry to a new level and attract many people to it. Also if you have twitter you may follow us @SJBProLife

There are lists here in Popular Media with regard to Catholic/Religious movies. There is no current thread on just pro-life movies, but those might be mentioned in these discussion threads:

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Thanks for the info Angela!

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