Pro-Life MPs, Doctors and Bishops Unite Against UK Abortion TV Ads

By Hilary White

LONDON, June 23, 2009 ( – The proposal to allow abortionists to advertise on television in Britain and to allow condoms to be advertised at any time of day, will “contribute to a further ‘normalization’ of abortion” and “encourage the sexualizing of children,” according to a recent statement by the Catholic bishops’ conference. Other objections to the proposal have come from doctors and MPs who say that the ads will do nothing to lower the teen pregnancy rate.

Labour MP Jim Dobbin, who brought an Early Day Motion against the proposal to the House of Commons, said that the makers and promoters of the ads have a “vested interest” in seeing them reach the airwaves. A group of doctors have said that the ads will encourage young people to take up more causal sex and look upon abortion as an easy “quick fix.”

The U.K.'s Advertising Standards Agency made the proposal to allow the abortion and condom ads on the advice of the Government’s sexual health advisory group, who said the ads could help lower teenage pregnancy rates. Public consultations ended on Friday.

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