Pro-life Pampers app?

Pampers has made available an app for the iPad showing infant development in the womb – not, I assume, because they’ve had a vision and gone pro-life but because they want to sell products to new mothers.

BUT maybe seeing it on an iPad will make it more “real” and a book, pamphlet or protester’s though the message is the same.

Here’s the video:

Click on movie at right of screen for specific developmental stage.
Be sure to put your audio on.

This is a great site using the latest technology, that is used for teaching, not a product.

The other would require a cut and paste into your browser.
Sorry about that. Try this:

Or try “endowment for human development”.
This was also used by National Geographic, since it is so amazing.

I really like the 8 to 10 weeks, when baby shows right or left hand dominance.

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