Pro-life pamphlets?

Hi Everyone!

I am wondering if anyone knows of any pro-life pamphlets that I can download and print or purchase detailing life from conception to birth. I teach 10th graders at my church and would like to give them something with a visual and details to take home to keep.

Thank you!

I don’t know any, but you can make some.:slight_smile:
(not free)

I get pamphlets from the following sites for our CCD program for that age group:

Heritage House has the developmental stages pamphlets that the kids always respond to very strongly. Each has a good selection, some overlap, and some unique to the site. HH has more abortion stuff, while OMSoul has more NFP stuff. has some stuff too.

Thank you all! Those resources helped greatly!

God bless!

In our confirmation class (grade 9 & 10) we have distributed “What they never told you about the Facts of Life”
(pretty sure that is the title; don’t have it in front of me)
It’s aimed at teens and is very good and positive.

I truly think this one is the best:

It took me awhile to find it on the web, I couldn’t find my own. It’s an investment in the prolife cause, but I think it’s a valuable one.

You give someone a baby to hold. It is made of soft rubber and is very realistic. Everyone wants to have one. Once they see it, they want it. The only “catch” is, that to take one, they have to read the developmental card with a pro life message on it that you give to them.

My teenage boys said they could pass these out to their non Christian friends at school. They are that “cool.”

I noticed they were on back order at the Heritage House website.

Here they are to purchase at Focus on the Family.±+orphan+care/

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