Pro-Life Pessimism


I want to start out by stating that I will never support Abortions.

All evidence I have suggests that fetuses are living human beings with their own souls and their own human rights. The right to exist is paramount - no other right; not the right to bodily autonomy, not the right to reproduction, and not even the right to financial security should EVER be placed before it.
Opposition is personal for me because I have a genetic developmental disorder; people with disabilities - people like me - are extremely likely to be aborted.

My problem is that most of the western world - all of Europe, all of Eastern Asia, all of North America - has Abortion legal on-demand. A woman can get an abortion every month from her sixteenth birthday until menopause and never suffer legal repercussions.

Chile, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Malta are the only real countries where an unborn child can not be murdered for any reason (I’m not counting Vatican City because it doesn’t have a normal population).

Mexico and Australia have it decided based on a state/province basis. America used to have that policy, but Roe V Wade overturned the laws in 35 of the 50 states. This bothers me because it shows how fragile and futile efforts to advance Human Rights can be - all it took was for nine unelected people to sign a piece of paper and decades worth of progress can be erased in the blink of an eye.

Every time I see an article on a news website claiming that Chile is about to legalize abortion-on-demand, every time I see something about the government paying Planned Parenthood to give abortions to people in other countries, I begin to wonder whether or not it is all hopeless.

George Orwell died in the year 1950, five years after the murderous and totalitarian USSR took over half of Europe. He saw the rapid rise of Communism, predicted in his masterpiece *1984 *that the world would be ruled by a totalitarian superstate of which there was no hope of defeating, and died without ever seeing any sign of the USSR beginning to decline.

There’s no guarantee the world will get better; there are people in the 1600s who battled against Slavery their entire lives, and never saw large-scale results. In the past I thought that the inherent goodness of human nature would lead to abortion being outlawed (yes, I actually found it unthinkable that well adjusted humans would simply tolerate an atrocity on a massive scale :nope:), and later I thought that the invention of artificial wombs would provide a lesser evil to make abortions obsolete by pushing fetal viability back to conception (while it could be used for that, it is likely that abortion will still be legal after artificial wombs simply because women don’t want the child to exist anywhere).

For Goodness Sake, someone who murders their child within a year after said child is born gets charged with “infanticide” instead of outright murder!

Why bother when humans are clearly evil, selfish, greedy, cowardly?


Why bother with what?-with pursuing the path of righteousness simply because some, or many, or most don’t? Why should man, who’s prone to sin and selfishness, be our standard? Isn’t that the point of our faith, that man (ourselves) is the problem while God is the answer? Humankind isn’t all bad, however- just wounded, corrupted, and wayward, separated from the only One who can set and keep it on the right path.


Born in March,

Do not be discouraged, that is a tool of you-know-who.

Have you heard of Forty Days for Life and what they have accomplished?

See this site:


The Good Book says in the end it will be the nations of the world against the City of God.

So I would think 2 things:

  1. Abortion and perhaps much worse will eventually be mainstream and near mandate.

  2. It is for those who wish to be in the CoG and not in the nations of the world that stand against it to still do what is right.

  3. inherently is a suck fest

  4. leads you to heaven ie: eternal paradise and to gain the presence of God eventually negating the negative effects of the suck fest.


Sometimes I get discouraged as well. It seems like there is no way to stop the killing.

But I read an article on a liberal new site, and it was a pro-abortion article talking about how fast and powerful the pro-life was making (in their opinion, a scary amount of) progress in the US. Apparently, the other side feels the impact of our efforts.

Keep praying. Support your legislators at the state and federal levels. Vote for pro-life candidates.


This earth will pass. If I go to my Lord and can put to him my personal acts against abortion wherever I could fight it, I do not care if I have failed. Jesus saved us by an apparent failure of his Crucifixion. We bring personal merit in our Spartan like failure to change the world. Only our prayers to Jesus through Mary will win out against Satan in this fundamental fight for the value of the human soul. We are His hands in this fight. If we give up, the devil has won.
I go to my God as a Catholic lawyer who failed to affect any change to the law in my country. But I go with the stain of battle on my shield and a personal honour that I gain in placing my sword before Him saying that I did my best.


First of all I am glad you are here. I cringe whenever I hear of genetic screening.
I have lived long enough to accept that original sin is humankind’s unfortunate state.
The vision of utopia is predicated on the perfectibility of human society.
That can only come from above.
Every generation has to work it out for themselves, or rather every individual.
The grandfathers or fathers may have been good but that is no guarantee that the children will be. Of course, society should provide the best environment to encourage moral and healthy living. The two cannot be separated. What is good is also right.
What is right is true. What is true will set us free.
Having this mindset is like eating good food for the body.
The greatest good for the greatest number is at least one reason why babies should not be aborted. The fact that it causes incredible emotional damage and disrupts the fabric of society is yet another.
People cannot see the consequences of their actions while in a state of selfishness. Our society encourages selfishness. For the world the cross is stupidity. Paul said that 2000 years ago and it is still relevant.


Yes I understand your feelings as sometimes it feels hopeless. However, as a member of the pro life activist movement, our purpose to give witness. We are here during our lifetime to do SOMETHING about the evil in the world. For a pro life activist that means prayer, fasting ,vigil and it also means that any small effort in our part means that we are TRYING to make a difference, it may not always lead to success. We are reminded by the Divine Mercy message as The Lord said to St Faustina. " I am acting thus with him to give testimony that this work is Mine. Tell him not to fear anything; My gaze is on him day and night. There will be as many crowns to form his crown as there will be souls saved by this work. It is not for the success of a work, but for the suffering that I give reward " Diary entry 90

Trust in his words of hope, peace and perseverance! Put on your spiritual armor and if you are lead to act even better!!!


Gosh, for other reasons I really needed to hear that. Most of the time I feel like I am going around in circles, getting deeper and deeper in the grooves…


It’s interesting that you mention George Orwell. Fiction reflects reality but can have a large effect on people. I’m no George Orwell, but I have tried to do my part by writing a fictional book, called Biotech Swirl, with a contemporary setting of the genetic manipulation of our day. I write about people with genetic disabilities such as yourself. At first it seems there is little hope, but I write with a hopeful ending, unlike Orwell. We realize there is evil in the world but with God there is always hope. If you’d like to read my FREE e-book, you can go to the link and read it online and/or download: .

Slavery did end, at least in a certain way (although I know there are still human slaves in the world). As other posters have said, we have to keep on trying. I pray for all of us pro-lifers for strength to keep on going.


Yes we are broken. But what if Christ did not love us any way? Satan dances when people give up. Hope is not a feeling, It is a virtue to strive for. We must always cling to Faith Hope and Love.


I’m glad I found this thread. I feel like the only pro-life person around sometimes… most of the time…


Why continue?

Failure is not an option. It is our Catholic duty. We don’t do it for the worldly success, we do it because it is simply what we MUST do.

There have been places where abortion has been reversed. Two examples come to mind: the USSR, which banned abortions for a few decades after legalizing it (albeit for demographic reasons) and Poland, which virtually banned abortion in the 1990s.

It is absolutely possible to change public opinion. The United States is the country that gives the rest of the Western world hope, because public opinion has somewhat soured on abortion and many countries hope to follow its example.

The Good News is: we win in the end. So it’s not entirely a matter of our efforts. So don’t get too discouraged. God is with us.


An unborn child is a slave, in a sense. Many of them tiny women who are really trapped. Tiny, defenseless, and with no way to escape a grimy, bloody pair of big gloved hands. shivers I blame the abortionists before I blame the mothers. I just do. I sympathize with the woman, if she is frightened and feels there is no other way. Each woman is just one case of this evil, her own, yet the abortionist does it all day long for a “living”. Get that.


Yes, I do see your point and I agree there are parallels with slavery. The slavery that was ended in the US Civil War had been legal but at that point became illegal. That’s the ending of slavery I was talking about. But before the Civil War, the slaves were considered property which could be disposed of. Now it is legal to dispose of human life which is considered a property similar to the slaves. The Africans were considered sub-human. Fetuses are considered sub-human by many people. Yet*** human ***embryos and fetuses are just that: fully human as any of us.

As far as guilt, we all sin in some way or another, but some sins have far-reaching consequences. I don’t want to sit in judgment, but I do think it’s important to think about fault when trying to overcome this travesty. There are women who are forced into sex, but many do it for various non-forced reasons. There may be pressure from a boyfriend, but if she was trying to do what is right, she could say no. In that way she would not have the need for an abortionist. I do see your point about the abortionist and we need to work on changing everyone’s world view so they will no longer participate in such things.

Pro-lifers already are trying to change world-views and have been successful in some ways. Showing sonograms of the fetus has been helpful in teaching women what is growing inside of them. We need to keep working on changing people’s minds on how human the embryos and fetuses are.

It is God who truly changes people’s hearts. I pray we can be His vessels to carry out His work.


Those who run Forty Days for Life are awesome. Anyone who feels “down” about the abortion issue will be glad to read about them. They need our prayer support during vigils when possible.

We must never lose hope!


There’s a new CAF thread about how the new generation (Millennials) are increasingly against abortion: .

This certainly has to be encouraging.


It really is easy to give up home. When the US Supreme Court ruled that abortion clinics didn’t have to have certain safety standards that other medical organisations did, they made me very angry at the supreme court. Those that support abortion say they want it to be “safe, legal and rare”. Well, I feel that maybe they should drop “safe” from that, since the supreme court said it doesn’t have to be. We may not always see the progress in the pro-life movement, but it’s there.


Abortion is not improbably but it is quite statistically theologically a malediction as an error.

#20 is a great organization, which appears to be having a good effect on college campuses.

I have also written dystopian pro life fiction, and am frustrated that my books are not as well known as I think they deserve to be. The Giver, for example, is a prolife book which is well known, but not as well written,
Yet I take hope in the fact that if even one young woman’s mind is changed by something I’ve written, it will have been worth it. And I probably will never know until heaven.

It is too soon to give up hope. Slavery was entrenched for centuries, and finally became illegal - although it’s still practiced even here in the US.


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