Pro-life & pro-social justice group?


I was reading about Pax Christi in another forum and thought of this. To me, a group like this would make a lot of sense. After all, social justice seeks love, compassion and equality for all people especially the disadvantaged and downtrodden. I don’t know who would fit the bill of needing help more than innocent victims of abortion. Yet, I frequently see pro-life websites defending life at conception, helping mothers in crisis, praying at abortion clinics, etc. etc. Or social justice groups advocating for legislation, working directly with the poor and homeless, and teaching works of mercy. But I’ve yet to see a group or organization that really captures both of these spirits together truly standing for every weak and helpless person in our world.

Anyone know of an organization like this? Wish there was one like this? If there isn’t one, I’d hope and pray to start one some day God willing. Any thoughts are welcomed…


That would be nice. How about a political party like that while we’re at it :slight_smile:


there is an organization like that - the Catholic Church :slight_smile:

as for organizations/orders within the Church, there are probably several…maybe the Franciscans would be a good one?


What about Mother Teresa’s order?


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