Pro-Life Sign Vandalized at St. Patrick's Catholic Church




That is just terrible and disgusting! The world we live in.


It reveals the true self of these people. They are what they claim others are and when someone speaks out against them, they attack in a variety of ways. Property damage is a favorite. The world if filled with sinners, but the ones who act this way embrace their sins.


This strikes me as bored teenagers more than the usual leftist scum; “editing” signs to make them obscene/offensive is a favorite activity of teenagers.

It’s funny when you’re 13 I guess. :shrug:

#5 < This video shows the sign and the damage.

Ironically, this may be a good thing on balance. The Church has been victimized, yet its message (which might have been ignored) is now news.

Even the over-the-toppedness of the “Kill God’s Children” message is liable to vitiate in favor of the pro-life cause by causing some on the fence or ignoring the issue to reason " … THAT’S not right!" And begin to take a stand against this abomination.

Abortion (not just the silly vandalism).


This is absolutely disgusting. The person who did this ought to be ashamed of themselves.

I wonder if they can use something to remove the paint and restore the sign to what it originally looked like so it can be put out there again?


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