Pro-Life Songs, Stories, Videos

Hi friends!

A number of Catholic musicians have created songs that advance the pro-life cause. I feel that such songs will be a tremendous blessing to those who will travel long distances to their respective pro-life rallies within the coming week.

Right now, these songs (along with stories, and videos), are collated together at Every style is accounted for, and people can download the songs from iTunes, and burn them onto a CD (if they don’t have an MP3 player).

Please check out, and support artists who take a stand for life.

God Bless,

I’ll have to check those out, but so far my favorite pro-life songs aren’t Catholic, nor recent. People may have trouble finding them.

“Fight the Fight” – one of the popular bunch-of-artists-recording-an-issues-song that was popular in the 80’s. This was CCM artists.

“Killing Thousands”, by Annie Herring. Haunting.

Even “I Believe” by Scott Wesley Brown, mainly a Christmas song, mentions abortion.

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