Pro-life triumph in Uruguay: President Vasquez vetoes law legalizing abortion (CNA)

Montevideo, Nov 14, 2008 / 11:16 am (CNA).- President Tabare Vasquez of Uruguay has vetoed a controversial law on sexual and reproductive health that legalized abortion and had been approved by the country?s House of Representatives by a vote of 49-48. Likewise, as she had recently announced, the Minister of Public Health, Maria Julia Munoz, and the Minster of the Interior, Hector Lescano, also signed the veto in support of the president?s decision.

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Let’s hope it catches on across the world, especially here at home, but with Obama’s election that notion is slim. Although if enough of us keep praying, maybe God can reverse Obama’s mindset. God bless President Vasquez

The bishops also said, no Eucharist for abortion backers.
Regarding Catholics who promote and/or vote for laws in favor of abortion, they recalled that such a person breaks the link that unites them to Christ and the Church. While he remains committed to this position, the bishops affirmed, he is impeded from approaching Eucharistic Communion, according to what is established in the Code of Canon Law, canons 1341 and 1398.

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