Pro-life video with Dr. Marshall and Fr. Pavone

Dr. Taylor Marshall conducted an interview with Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for life. I recently discovered this Youtube video. I wanted to make it known on CAF.
Fr. Pavone encourages everyone to increase our efforts to abolish abortion.
Dr. Marshall asks some interesting questions about the Catholic Church and the bishops.
They also, talked about the movie Unplanned.
They talked about how the pro-life campaign is changing the language to counter the propaganda involved with the liberal media.
Some of the dialogue of how far we have progressed is consoling for those of us who are fasting and praying to abolish abortion. The video is an hour+ and is probably one of the best interviews, I have seen, with Fr. Pavone.
Dr. Marshall is going to have future interviews with Fr. Pavone.


Well, I guess I’ll now stop watching Marshall’s videos. Anyone who associates with someone who desecrates a fetus’ corpse to promote a political candidate isn’t someone Catholics should watch.


Please copy the link to this video and e-mail, forward, to your friends and relatives. Awaken. Trust. Trust. Trust in God. This video message is for the Remnant Faithful who are working very hard to end the destruction of human life. We know who we are, God knows who we are, and there are great leaders among us. We are everywhere throughout the world. We are at peace among lions and our patience is grounded in faith. This battle has been going on since the 1970’s. Endeavor without fear and paranoia in our march towards victory. Lately states have banned abortions and new restrictions have been put into place. We are winning the long fought battle. As a country we are rising above the murder of unborn innocents. We are defeating abortion by, somehow, decreasing from more than 2000 abortion mills to now 600 in the U.S… This could bring abundant blessings upon our nation. God bless.

Thank you for sharing. Taylor Marshall’s podcast is excellent but somehow I missed this. It is important to keep the focus on ending abortion as there are some who seek to promote various liberal political agendas by saying they are equal to or even more important than ending the evil of abortion. They place more importance on their liberal political ideology than on the teachings of Jesus.


I know the dangers of placing political ideology above the teachings of Jesus.

Can you explain what you mean by, “promoting various liberal political agendas by saying they are equal to or even more important than ending the evil of abortion.”? Many things came to mind when you posted that.

I’ve just discovered Taylor Marshall, too. I haven’t heard many episodes yet, but the multiple appearances by faithful Priests for Life Fr. Frank Pavone certainly adds credibility to this show. (And the Leftist pro-choicers, of course, don’t like Fr. Pavone. That’s another good sign.)

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The political manipulation of ‘seamless garment’ ideology.

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Thanks for citing the Seamless Garment theory. I haven’t thought about this much. I, personally, believe if we end abortion then there will be a domino effect for all other problems in this world. Abortion is the pivotal issue. Only God knows what this world would be like if we ended abortion. There, probably, would be a series of unknown events that would change the way we perceive reality.

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