Pro-Life Voter Information for Tuesday, June 8th, Primary (California)

Pro-Life Voter Information for Tuesday, June 8th, Primary

GOVERNOR- our main goal is to defeat Jerry Brown in November!

*]Meg Whitman- pro-choice, even supports forcing taxpayers to continue funding abortions here in California!!! I personally asked her about abortion funding- see her very disappointing answer here, followed by a second question on abortion funding and her response here. She does support Parental Notification before minors can obtain an abortion.

*]Steve Poizner- pro-choice, but he is AGAINST taxpayer funding of abortion. On Poizner’s website, he wants to “drive abortion down to ZERO” by streamlining adoption & ensuring educational material is available to women considering abortion. Opposes late-term abortion. Supports Parental Notification.

*]Larry Naritelli and Ken Miller- both Conservative pro-life candidates, but have limited funding to compete successfully in November against Jerry Brown. See their websites for more information.

CONTROLLER- Tony Strickland
TREASURER- Mimi Walters

U.S. SENATE- our main goal is to defeat Barbara Boxer in November!

*]Carly Fiorina- Endorsed by National Right to Life, Susan B. Anthony List, California Pro-Life Council, Governor Sarah Palin, and Senator Rick Santorum. See full endorsement list here.

*]Chuck DeVore- Longtime, very strong PRO-LIFE Conservative. Endorsed by Congressman Tom McClintock. See his persuasive personal video here.

*]Tom Campbell- very PRO-ABORTION !!!

(Received by email from Wynette Sills of “Sacramento Pro-life News”)

Since I am a registered Libertarian, I voted the straight Libertarian ticket.:thumbsup:

That’s a shame, seeing that their party is so infected with moral-cowardice.


And the bases for this opinion is…?:shrug:

The Libertarians earn my vote as well.

Regrettably, we’re a bit of an endangered species on this forum.

Actually, you are over-represented on CAF in comparison to the percentage of Libertarians in the population.

I will respectfully disagree. The size and scope of government grows relentlessly regardless of whether Democrats or Republicans are in charge. And according to a recent poll, 78% of people disapprove of big government. So that’s more than 3/4 of the population that has libertarian tendencies, whether or not they are actually a member of the Libertarian party. So in reality we are vastly under-represented on this forum.


More than 78% of the active CAF members in the News fora are against big government. (Don’t believe me? Take a poll). Are you saying you are part of the majority? You can’t be both under-represented and part of the majority. :stuck_out_tongue:

Most people who are against big government are bright enough to know that a vote for a Libertarian is a wasted vote.

There seem to be a lot of republicans on this forum. Republicans are fond of paying lip service to the ideals of limited government - yet when they had the presidency and both houses of congress the size and scope of the federal government grew relentlessly. If one ‘truly’ believes in limited government - and is still voting for the republicans - then they are wasting their vote.

You are free to hold that opinion, but it has nothing to do with the poor reasoning of your previous post. Your (Libertarian) over-representation on CAF stands, so there is no reason to whine about being an “endangered species.”

Unless you are deliberately trying to be denigrating, why would you possibly think I was ‘whining’? I was simply making an observation to a fellow poster.

I stand by everything I posted earlier. You are free to hold your opinion as well.

The reason there seems to be a lot of Republicans is that the GOP is nominally anti-abortion, and many will claim to be Republicans for that reason. :shrug:

They may not agree with the rest of the GOP platform, but the attitude that claiming to be anti-abortion trumps every and all other considerations is quite common in this particular forum, if not in the rest of the CAF.:sad_yes:

The Death Party (the Democrats) thank you for helping elect them so they can continue abortion on demand.

I don’t thank you.


So the size of government trumps the sanctity of life?


What has the Libertarian party done to curtail or eliminate abortion on demand?


Besides turning a blind eye to it? Or whining about mothers on the public dole? Probably nothing. But it’s an unfair question, since fringe parties never have to answer for what their never-to-be-implemented policies will never do.


Well of course, by very definition in fact! If you’re registered Libertarian you are not allowed to vote in Republican or Democratic primaries.

Similarly I’m a registered Democrat so I cannot vote for Poizner, Whitman, Miller or any other Republican even if I wanted to.

I really don’t understand this reasoning.

I’m told countless times by no doubt very virtuous nearly saintly Catholics that I must vote for a Republican for no other reason than principle simply due to the abortion issue. I’m essentially told that I must be a single-issue voter, remember out of principle. Now here you are telling a Libertarian that he must forgo his principles of small government for this same sake.

Why not be honest? You just aren’t happy with anyone voting for any other member of any other party besides the Grand Obstructionist Party?

I’m not sure where to start. First, I am not telling you to be a single issue voter, but rather see the santity of life as the MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE. Sure there are other issues, but, what good is fiscal responsibility if you’re dead? (just a guess, but the unborn who are about to be aborted would rather you care more about them than the level of taxation or the degree of government spending). So, life is not the only issue, its only the most important issue. First and formost, we have a right to life - after that is recognized we can discuss the level of taxatoin and government which are important issues, just not AS important. Got that?

It came down to this in 2008: We had one candidate, Obama, who is for abortion on demand. We had another candidate, McCain, who was pro-life. It is very difficult to change the state laws on abortion in this country without overturning the decision - Roe V. Wade - that makes any anti-abortion laws passed by the states unconsititutional. McCain would likely have nominated pro-life justices to the bench. Obama gives us pro-death justices. That was the choice in 2008. Which side were you on?

A couple of other questions: Which side will you be on in 2010? Are you pro-life? Or do you hate the Republican party more than you hate abortion?


Exactly. Libertarian-minded folks are better served by working within the Republican Party to influence the platform and candidates to become more libertarian. Voting third party may make one feel better about themselves, but it isn’t practical. Ron Paul figured that out.

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