Pro-life vs. Pro-choice

I just talked to someone very close to me, and told them I went with a group of students at my school to pray the Rosary outside of a local Planned Parenthood. One of the first things she brought up was “pro-life” people who bomb abortion clinics and sarcastically asked if I’m okay with that too. Why is it that all pro-choice people are seen as innocent victimized angels and all pro-life people are seen as dangerous and violent. I tried to refute her argument and she accused me of being “so closed-minded its disgusting.” What arguments can I use with a person like this? And why did someone who supposedly loves me do something so hurtful? She should know I’m not okay with bombing clinics, she’s very close to me. And despite that fact she still had to bring up the few crazy people who engage in these activities, which for the record I DO NOT support, I only support peace protest LIKE PRAYER, which I told her UP FRONT is what we did.

Today’s world is not the same as yesterday’s. Today, society often calls “good” evil and “evil” good. Your friend is simply another casualty of the times. In answer to your question of how could “someone who supposedly loves me do something so hurtful?” Again, in today’s society, those who have a differing view of what is good and what is evil are dismissed as either fools or at the very least “closed-minded.” Say a prayer for your friend; perhaps, she will eventually come to understand and see abortion for what it truely is… evil.

Here is a crazy idea invite her to the prayer session and while there pray for an end to the anti abortion violence.

You may also want to let her know there is a great divide between the anti abortion movement and the pro life movement with the pro life side being just as much against the violence of the anti abortion people.

If she is a hard core liberal you may want to use her words in the context of what you are doing. For instance saying it is unfair to stereotype people. or you want to give the children and fathers a choice also. Of that you want the mothers to have a more informed choice and not be bullied into having an abortion by a society that oppresses women.

It appears that you touched a nerve with this friend.
First and foremost, pray for her of course.
Second, remind her that there are zealots in both camps. Just recently there was a man gunned down up in Michigan while praying outside of an abortion clinic. Such violence is not justifiable by either side.
Third, you cannot “refute” such arguments because tehy are not based on the real issues. The best you can do is to try and steer the conversation toward what the real issues are.
Ask her if she feels that abortion on demand is OK even if the pregnancy is 8 months along (in other words the fetus is viable)?
When she brings up the issue of Rape and incest, (Which she will) ask her if the child is guilty of a crime in either of those cases. If the Child is not guilty, then why is the Child sentenced to death, when the law does not permit the death penalty for the Rapist?
Finally, you might ask her if she has ever seen an aborted fetus. if she has not, you might suggest that she look at one (I’m sure you can find a picture of one on the internet). After she sees what this “collestion of cells”, this “lump of tissue” looks like then you can ask her if she thinks your position is “close minded”

Mostly all you can do is to be gentle, pray for her, and try to charitably engage her intellect in the truths of what abortion really is.


When people bring up clinic bombings it is generally because they know they cannot make any kind of sound argument for abortion, and they don’t want to give you the opportunity to question their justification for it. They view it in a strictly progressive way, that is, only in terms of what it represents in terms of the mother and what is convenient for her, never in terms of is it/is it not human life.

You can try if you want, but it is very rare to get anyone that committed to abortion to even consider your views. In my experience, as soon as you make any point that makes the walls of their beliefs start to crack, the shouting and name-calling starts.

The “Secular Media” which is mostly anti- God, anti-religion, sexist,athiest,humanist,liberalist left off the playing field loves to slam on pro-life
supporters. Society today is an evermore moral toxic environment. I just was researching a website on so called Catholic Women Priests who play the same agenda as the media and pro choice supporters.(Catholic women priests and their supporters are excommunicated anyway by the Church. Priests for men only, Jesus appointed men, shut up and repent.). Catholics for Obama?(excommunicated,go to confession and quit harrasing the priest from South Carolina who presented this message)
Catholics For Choice? website(excommunicated, drop the site,repent). I got a CD from Human Life International with press reports(press couldn’t hide them), pro-lifers,harrased,beat up, men killing their wives or girfriends and cutting the unborn fetuses because the women changed mind on abortion and wanted to keep the baby.

Pro- choice people in general love to support anything against God’s will and plan for salvation. They support alternative lifestyle groups, especially on so called same sex marriage, use charities to make themselves look good while slaughtering babies in the back alleys.(Susan Komen for breast cancer, United Way etc.) Many pro-choice celebrities use their money and positions to ursurp Catholic politicians(Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Kathleen Sebelius etc.) to support their evil schemes on poor, minority and uneducated people. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood abortions was a supporter of the Ku-Klux-Klan. Sanger learned from Thomas Malthus(Malthusian Mathematics) about “eugenics” (racial,ethnic cleansing) population control because of fear of food and resource shortage. Sanger wrote and spoke on “negroes” and type human stock that was unacceptable to society ansd must be rid of “The Negro Project”( Adolf hitler and his henchmen learned from Sanger to try to eradicate the Jews,Gypsies,and others undesireable or opposed to the Nazi regime. Dr. Josef Mengele, a doctor death of the regime killing many Jews escaped to South America to perform abortions on women but was later caught and put in prison.

The lady is just grasping at straws. She’s not stupid. She knows that the vast majority of the pro-life movement does their work peacefully. Instead of trying to justify abortion she wants to trap you in an argument that has nothing to do with the morality of abortion. To her its all about making the pro-life movement evil and wrong. To correct way to handle this is to shove the truth right back in her face. Reply: “what about all the pro-choice folks and their violent crimes they commit?” “Aside from the 1000’s of unborn pro-choice people murder a day, what about those pro-life people killed outside praying for what they believe?”

The idea is our movement is biblical, peaceful, and right. Their movement is worldly, violent, and wrong. Friend or foe you got to stand up for what you believe.

Got e-mail?

I say carefully write her a SHORT letter saying that yor were hurt by her dismissal of your convictions and her accusation that you support bombing of abortion clinics. Cite your long history of friendship and ask her what in your time together leads her to believe you endorse violence? Find a gentle way of concluding by reminding her that she accused you of “disgusting close-mindedness” but SHE is the one casting unwarranted accusations here.

Remind her that your friendship need not be based on agreement on this issue, but ask her to respect your right to a different opinion / conviction.

Very Good suggestion. Often times we can express things in writing that are difficult in person. Plus the reader must read and can digest the entire statement before responding.


sounds like guilt

I highly recommend you get a copy of Randy Alcorn’s Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments. You should be able to get it on inter library loan or can buy it on or other bookstores.

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