pro life walk

I am conflicted on if I should go on the pro-life crossroads walk or not. My primary reason for this conflict is that my father is against me going on the walk. Is this a valid reason to not go?

There is no obligation to participate in the event. Any reason would be acceptable not to go.

However, it would be better to talk to your father and better understand his concerns. If he forbids it, then obviously you shouldn’t go. However, if he is merely opposed, then you could at least listen and see if his reasons make sense.

How old are you? Are you still living at home? How will you get to this walk? Is it nearby? What are your father’s concerns if you attend?

I am very sorry to hear that, my family were hesitant of me going to pro life walks and events as well. Can you talk to your family and explain to them why you feel this is an important issue for you? If they are ‘Catholic’ let them know that some people will be praying. I have heard many more people will join the walk this year! The unborn need our help.

God bless!

I’m 23 and not living at home. I would take a flight to Los Angeles and do the southern walk to D.C. I think I could try harder to put his safety concerns to rest, but I think the main issue is that he isn’t pro-life.

You would walk all the way to DC from LA? Tell me more about exactly what this walk entails.
Here’s the website

Yes, walking from LA to DC. We start training on May 14, sleep on RVs, and stop and pray at abortion clinics. We also speak to parishes on the weekends. All the walks meet in DC on August 10.

Wow! This is wonderful! I had no idea this was happening! I say go for it! What an experience to have!!!


If one of my sons wanted to do this I would be PROUD!

Go for it, Warandpeace! I think all of us reach a point in our lives when we need to choose to follow God’s will or our parent’s will. Remember that your father’s opinion is a finite one, but God’s opinion IS and will be forever. You will always be able to rely on God, even if your father disowns you and takes away your birthday :stuck_out_tongue:
I will keep you in my prayers. :byzsoc: God bless!

Thanks everyone.

Haha, take away my birthday :rotfl:

My parents said the same thing to me while I was living with them (I’m 29 and haven’t been living at home for years). The funny thing is, my parents ARE pro-life. I think it was because my parents have always been very image-conscious people. They didn’t want me to attract any controversy, or something.

I am so glad this event is happening! If I didn’t have two toddlers to take care of, I would consider tagging along!.

Yes, this was also partly my husband’s concern when I started praying in front of Planned Parenthood. I think he was afraid someone he knows might see and recognize me or something…:rolleyes:

Over time, that concern seems to have faded and now he is almost supportive of me! He will defend the practice of going and praying, but of course is still very against any form of protest. Which is understandable, because I agree with him that the abortion clinic is not the place for that sort of thing, but treating women with kindness and lots of prayer.

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