Pro-Life Win in Rhode Island — Abortion-Free Health Plans Added to State Exchange


PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Rhode Island is now offering health insurance plans on its state exchange that do not cover elective abortions — thanks to a practicing Catholic who sued rather than paying a monthly fee to subsidize other people’s abortions.

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How wonderful. This sort of relatively easy compromise ought to have been rolled out to every state as a matter of course.


IIRC, that was part of the compromise that eventually won over enough votes to pass Obamacare (Stupak and his block). Every state was to have at least one plan that did not include abortion. But then it wasn’t in the final rules or maybe it was part of “you have to pass it before you read it”. :shrug:


The mind boggles how much of a complete mess this all is. However well-intentioned and welcome in many ways, the more I read and learn the more it seems the end-result is a logistical nightmare.


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