Pro-LifeHow George Tiller Drove his Own Employee to Join Operation Rescue

"How George Tiller Drove his Own Employee to Join Operation Rescue

A former employee of Kansas late-term abortionist George Tiller has shared how her gruesome experiences at Tiller’s abortion facility drove her away from her pro-choice views and into a life of activism for the rights of the unborn.

Luhra Tivis, who was hired as a temp worker for Tiller and eventually became a full employee for one year, discussed her story Tuesday with the Enid News & Eagle in the wake of Tiller’s death May 31. Tiller was shot and killed while serving as an usher in his Lutheran church. His family has stated that Tiller’s Wichita abortion facility, Women’s Health Care Services, will not reopen." …

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O wow, I can’t believe the descriptions of what went on in that clinic. Its disgusting. I don’t know how anyone could do something like that to other human beings. That is horrifying.

Also, the article talks about performing late term abortions on healthy babies. That is horrible, but its not like its okay to perform an abortion on an unhealthy baby. Abortion is ALWAYS wrong.

I appreciate your passing that article along. It’s good to know that at least one person was unable to repress truth any longer and had a conversion experience. I wonder if any of the Obamites on this forum could read that and have a change of heart.

“A hero to those seeking help in the most desperate situations” says President of Planned Parenthood. Hardly…1st of all in case of a REAL medical trauma…baby has already died and they need to abort as the mother is not going into labor, or whatever, there are laws of course in place to extract the baby or whatever they need to do. Can tell you for sure, any qualified Dr. would do that. He was in this for the money. Even sadder than that, moms would seek him out at the last minute. He wouldn’t have made ANY MONEY if not for women wanting to kill their babies late term no less.

I have known many women who have discovered early on of one kind of defect or another with their baby…you would be surprised at the Dr.'s who suggest aborting the baby. Most of them, I would say. So what’s the need for a Dr. like Tiller? It seems to me that most defects they are able to diagnose very early on. This part of his “defense” has never made any sense to me. But the pro choice people are exclaiming these “compassionate virtues” from the roof tops!:rolleyes: They don’t hold water.

Like she said, most of these women had healthy babies. Had to be. There are too many provisions in place in the main stream medical field for “emergencies”. He killed babies that these women decided they just didn’t want. Plain and simple…and very very sickening.

I heard a rumor that mechanics that work in salvage yards ripping cars apart for spare parts sales are really lousy mechanics that couldn’t cut it working at local garages making cars run.

I wonder what kind of credentials Tiller had.

More info about Tiller and his “practice” at the link below. I think a lot of people have no idea, either because they don’t believe it or just don’t want to know, that Tiller killed healthy babies for whatever reason, for elective reasons. Even with that being said, his practice was ghoulish and evil when he was killing babies whom he and their parents deemed imperfect and that they deserved to die for that reason, and also when he was killing babies that were healthy and perfect in anyone’s eyes, but who were an inconvenience to their parents. Tiller killed 60,000 babies. He was a ghoul.

Thanks much for the link!!..I will read it when my emotional constitution is pumped up just a bit more.:blush: I have to phsych myself up for this stuff sometimes.:bighanky:

I agree it is very difficult to read some items on the site, especially the accounts given by some of the patients. They are heart-wrenching accounts. But, the truth needs to be told.

I read some of the entries in the online guest book with Tiller’s funeral notice. It made me ill to read statements that he was “wonderful and compassionate” and how he “performed a valuable and necessary service” for women, that he is now thought of as some type of martyr. Some are so offended that he was referred to as “Tiller the Baby Killer,” but that is simply the truth. That is exactly what he was. He killed babies. Some defend him saying that he “only” killed babies that were unhealthy or not viable, as if that made it okay. But, that is not true anyway because he killed both babies with some health issues, as well as perfectly healthy babies, and he did so in many cases in late term, at a time when the babies could have been born and survived. The truth needs to be told.

Yep, they’re all proclaiming his candidacy for sainthood.:rolleyes: Bill O’Reilly had a segment on last week with Joan Walsh of “”. She was accusing him of being an accomplice to Dr. Tiller’s murder because he exposed him numerous times for what he was and what was going on. He was so upset that I was afraid he was going to collapse on camera. He pretty much nailed her on most points. Seemed as if he was cashed in after that for the rest of the program. He was the one that uncovered the fallacy of Dr. Tiller only aborting inviable or extreme emergency babies.
And oh yeah, wait, she announced at the end that she was a “staunch Catholic”.
These pro abortion, pro “anything goes” “Catholics” are really getting OLD!!!

I saw that interview. I thought O’Reilly was going to lose it on camera. That was the most upset I’ve ever seen him. And, when Walsh said she was a pro-choice Catholic, I yelled at the television that there was no such thing, that one cannot be both pro-choice and Catholic. :blush: I guess I was ticked off a bit too.

Sometimes I have to have the emotional fortitude just to watch O’Reilly! LOL:D

:smiley: Very true.

I wonder if George Tiller went to purgatory. I hope he did. It is sad that he was robbed of his chance to repent. But I do believe he brought his fate upon him self by acts of unpeakable savegery. Tiller was a barbarian, no different than the BTK killer. In fact, he may have been worse.

I am hoping so too. This was the tragic part of this, he was robbed of a chance to repent. (maybe in his heart he did, that part we will never know) This subject was being discussed on the original thread about him. Think about it, if he would have some day had a complete conversion, he might have been the greatest pro life advocate that ever lived!! We’ll never know. Murder is always intrinsically evil.:frowning:

As to driving his employees in another direction, that part is GOOD!! God always brings good out of evil.

Kind of reminds one of Gollum in “Lord of the Rings”, doesn’t it? Appears he served at least one good purpose in turning this person away from his hideous trade.

Wait… the clinic’s not reopening? I thought Carhart was taking it over.

Well, then. Would it be untoward of me to call that a win?

You have to remember that Lutherans don’t believe in purgatory. One of the assumptions after his murder was a comment, “get Heaven ready, mr. enthusiam is coming”.

We can HOPE he repented in his final moments, but I am pretty sure the unncessary 60,000 abortions won’t help him out.

Carhart from Bellevue wants to continue Tiller’s “mission”. He even said he would offer 3rd trimester abortions at his death clinic here in Nebraska.

I think that Luthrean theology would say that he did go to Heaven in a heartbeat. Isn’t their saying “Justification by faith alone”. I really hope that Tiller didn’t go to hell. I wouldn’t want to be him when he recieved his judgement.

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