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Please would you bring a Brit, ignorant of US politics, upto speed so I can understand. What religious freedoms do you want restored?

The obama administration is forcing all employers, including religious institutions and private companies, to provide contraception to all their employees, or else face major fines.

What? :mad:

Why? Is it if they request contraception from their employer? I am very perplexed by this.

It seems to run counter to what I’ve learned about American society. While I don’t agree with contraception I would’ve thought if you wanted it you’d have to purchase it not be given it free by your employer.

I thought we northern and western Europeans lived in nanny states!

Why? Because the current president is the most anti-life, anti-family, and anti-american president we’ve had since we broke off from you brits. If he gets elected again this November 2 for another 4 years, the country will be absolutely down the tubes.

It is part of the new government requirements on insurance plans. They say it’s about guaranteeing access to contraception, but you can get it cheap at the corner durgstore, so that’s clearly not the reason to do it. It’s a direct attack on the church.

So when will you guys find out if Mr Obama is going to be your President for another 4 years? In other words how quickly after the election will you know?

I infer the Republicans don’t agree with this policy. Who has the majority in Congress? Would Obama get it through?

For all intents and purposes, probably the evening of november 4th, if there’s no hiccups in the election with a recount or it’s very, very close. The offical results are released later, but the unofficial but mostly accurate results come out the evening of voting day.


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