Pro-Putin party seen winning even greater sway in Russia's parliament


Pro-Putin party seen winning even greater sway in Russia’s parliament


Polls show United Russia’s popularity has been somewhat dented by a grinding economic crisis caused by a fall in global oil prices and compounded by Western sanctions over Moscow’s role in the Ukraine crisis.

But they also show that Putin’s own popularity remains high and that many voters buy the Kremlin narrative that is frequently repeated on state TV, of the West using sanctions to try to wreck the economy in revenge for Moscow’s 2014 annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea.

The first exit polls are due at 1.00 p.m. ET on Sunday.

Most Russians correctly understand that whatever hardship the economic sanctions inflicted on Russia such the hardship originated from self-righteous US policy. Russians know that the US installed a virulently Russophobic and fascist brutal government in Ukraine. The Russian annexation of Crimea was a reasonable action in response to the threat.

Gee, American propaganda tries to legitimize this by recycling old anti-Soviet canards.


Your watching too much Russian state television.


So, should I brainwash myself by being focused on other issues so I would not be critical of US foreign policy?

The people in Crimea voted for the annexation. There is a strong far-right element in Ukraine that played a leading role in the Euromaidan riots. The US was plotting to remove Yanukovych in order to replace him with a pro-West leader.

Those are the facts!

I feel that Western coverage of the Maidan was a lie. They barely mentioned the riots and said it was a “peaceful protest”. Ha ha!


You should be just as, if not more, critical of Russian foreign policy. Ukraine fell apart, and Putin saw an opportunity to secure the Sevastopol Fleet. He also gets a foot in the door to try to get the rest of Eastern Ukraine; not in the name of national unity, but for gas pipelines.


To bad a majority of the people in the Crimea agreed with him. Dang pesky elections…


He works for Russian state. (television)


Remember that I am Latias.

No, I don’t, but any reasonable observer would know that much of what was on Western media about the Ukrainian crisis was propaganda.

How many people really believe that the Maidan movement was “peaceful”?


It is not surprising to me that Putin’s “party” is winning voters, for two reasons:

  1. Putin controls the ballots.
  2. Even if he didn’t, a conqueror is always popular with the people as long as it’s going well. Hitler’s annexation of Austria and the Sudetenland were enormously popular at the time. So was Japan’s conquest of Manchuria and the western Pacific rim.

It’s only when aggressiveness goes sour that a dictator loses popularity, and it happens in a hurry when it does.


Putin has proven himself to be a strong and stable leader, when things start to get to far out of his control, he can pull things back. How long can he keep up the balancing act.

The out of control madmen of the twentieth century that you mentioned were so lost, they self destructed in short order.


I understand your point, but Hitler and Hirohito ruled for quite a long time, particularly the latter. True, their initial successes weren’t in the nature of foreign conquest, but they ruled quite awhile after initiating those things.


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