Pro-Russia candidate Igor Dodon to win Moldova presidential election


After a campaign filled with promises to restore ties with Russia, Igor Dodon was sitting comfortably on Sunday night with 55.3 percent of the vote in Moldova’s presidential election. His rival Maia Sandu, a former World Bank official who ran on an anti-corruption ticket, was polling at about 44.7

                                           Such good election news this month :thumbsup:


This is good news. I may not like Trump, but I would at least have some consolation if he does not appoint John Bolton as Secretary of State.


I am not wanting John Bolton either.


When i visited moldova i noticed that the north of moldova is russian speaking. Even you can see the soviet symbols in monuments, i thought moldova is similar to romania but in reality there is some influence of russia there, including ethnic russians. Unfortunately corrupted populists who call themselves the western oriented politicians dissapoint the people of moldova.


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