Pro-Russian rebels in Slaviansk say Ukraine tries to retake town


The Ukrainian Army has launched a relatively large offensive against the militia in Slaviansk.

The report provides the basic story; I’m hearing elsewhere the Ukrainians are targeting roadblocks throughout the city and have lost 3 helicopters so far.

Pray for all involved, that there be a minimal loss of life.


God, this all could have been avoided if Putin kept to the document Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov signed in Geneva two weeks ago with Europe, the USA, and Ukraine: that all illegally-occupied buildings in Ukraine be immediately vacated. Ukraine’s interim government fulfilled their obligations and has Europe’s and the USA’s verdict that this has been accomplished from Ukraine’s end.

However, not only did Putin make zero efforts for this to happen in the areas of Ukraine where Russian Spetznaz are operating but after Geneva, even more Ukrainian government buildings came under massive, well-orchestrated (by Russian Special Forces in Ukraine) attacks in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts involving what can only be described as well-armed and camouflaged “terrorists” accompanied by “titushky” (paid agitators from Donetsk as well as from Russia - it may sound hard to believe but toughs in Eastern Ukraine and Russia actually get paid money to engage in these actions, part of which cost is ironically being covered by the billions ex-President Yanukovych stole from Ukraine’s coffers and who now hides in Russia). Money stolen by Yanukovych from innocent Ukrainians is now being used to pay for the terrorists and rebels creating anarchy in Donetsk. These terrorists taking over admin. buildings are not going on to run the local governments there: i.e. clean the streets, bring life back to normal. No they leave these chores to the government already in place. You see these terrorists have only one goal: to destabilize Donetsk completely, bring the fear of God into the majority of Donetsk residents who wish to remain in Ukraine and not under Putin, and preside over a fake referendum at the barrel of a gun.

Nor do these pro-Russian terrorists have massive support in Donetsk. At any one time one can see a couple of hundred supporters in front of the government buildings the terrorists have occupied, and maybe 1,000 to 2,000 tops (old people, young all imbibing the Russian propaganda they are fed about Kyiv). However, these numbers are a small vocal minority compared to the million on Maidan.

The pro-democracy protestors on Maidan in Kyiv started off peacefully, they had no resort to the serious weaponry (machine guns, r.p.g.s, en masse etc) to which these terrorists operating across Donetsk now have, nor did the Maidan activists kidnap and hold hostage innocent journalists, international observers, and nor did they take their opponents into the woods to torture them to death. Yanukovych’s Berkut along with probably Russian advisers did this though . The self-proclaimed mayor of Slovyansk Ponomaryov is just a patsy - he fulfills the orders given to him by the “little green men” in full military gear. I mean everyday brought a new building stormed and taken over by these roaming gangs, despite the Geneva accords. The original man to be leader of Donetsk under these separatists was the Russian neo-Nazi Pavel Gubarev but he’s been arrested. He’s been replaced by one Denis Pushilin whom nobody has heard from before except for him running a massive ponzi scheme that defrauded tons of people- in other words he’s a crook.

All the Ukrainian Churches, Catholic, all Orthodox, Protestant have all come out against the separatism being propagated by these terrorists. All Ukraine’s Churches, even the one tied to Moscow.

I mean in Slovyansk alone God know’s how many hostages have been taken by these guys: hostages blindfolded, tortured in the basement of these terrorist’s headquarters in Slovyansk. The OSCE mission observers from Europe are still there as hostages though Ponomaryov in Soviet speak says they are “guests.” Ukrainian militia are being held hostage there with battered, bloodied eyes and bodies tied to chairs. Even a Western journalist like Ostrovsky could get abused by these Slovyansk terrorists and kidnapped. And this doesn’t cover all the people kidnapped by the goons out of Slovyansk. People like politician Rybak had his body tortured then thrown into the local river to drown.

And apart from local Berkut and Russian secret forces, Donetsk out of all the provinces in Ukraine has the highest crime rate and the most underworld criminal gangs. Before it was Crimea, but since Crimea has been annexed by Putin Crimea is now run by a criminal underworld figure Aksyonov. Donetsk continues to have these criminal gangs who are being used by the pro-Russian thugs. The Donetsk mafia have no morals.

The Ukrainain and Western intelligence services have evidence of Russian GRU (military intelligence) and FSB communicating with their agents and contacts in Ukraine to complete their mission there. The Russian invasion has long ago began, covertly at first but now more overtly.

The fact is a solid majority of residents of Donetsk are against what these armed pro-Russian thugs are doing in Donetsk with their attacks on buildings and violence. Last poll showed some 85% of people in Donetsk against this, yet these people are now terrified for their lives. The Ukrainian government has no choice but to act now before Putin is given more time to completely ravage Eastern Ukraine and open it up for full invasion.


My prayers are for minimal loss of life on both sides but I unfortunately believe the Ukrainian Army has been so devastated and weakened by Yanukovych’s corrupt rule, that it may have limited success in bringing peace to Donetsk, even thought peace is what the majority of Donetsk crave. Tomorrow, Putin’s Russian propaganda machine will go into full agit-prop mode.


Praying for all.


One of the pro-Putin arguments hear continuously is that the Kiev government is “illegitimate” because Yanukovych got scared and ran to Putin’s protection. The new elections are May 25. One fears the Russian takeover of eastern Ukraine will happen before that. It will be harder to make the “illegitimate government” argument after that.



That’s exactly why Putin and his ilk have accelerated a push to anarchy in Eastern Ukraine. May 25 is the date for the Presidential election in Ukraine. Putin cannot bear for Ukraine to have a successful democratic election now so he’s rushing. Putin would rather have an amoral thief like Yanukovych run Ukraine and steal even more billions from the Ukrainian people as long as he is pro-Kremlin in Putin’s eyes.

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