Pro-Settler Vandals Attack West Bank Monastery

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Vandals set fire to the doors of a Christian (Trappist) monastery in the Israeli-occupied West Bank on Tuesday and daubed pro-settler graffiti on its walls in a possible retaliation for the eviction of families from an unauthorized outpost.

The name of the unauthorized Migron outpost, cleared of Israeli settlers following a court order on Sunday, was scrawled on the well-known 19th century Latrun Monastery, alongside the words “Jesus is a monkey” in Hebrew, police said.

Israeli security officials had said they were worried Sunday’s eviction of 50 families from Migron, in another part of the West Bank near Ramallah, might provoke more attacks by a vigilante settler group known as “Price Tag”.

Sad to see a Catholic monastery get trashed senselessly like that.

How very sad, indeed. :frowning:

I do not mean to excuse this act of violence, but wanted to note that article mentions only minimal damage: some doors which may need to be replaced and some walls with graffiti which needs to be cleaned off.

It is far less then the pillaging the monastery got when the monks were absent during World War I. And the cost is far less than the looting done at the Deir Mur Musa monastery in Syria a month ago.

That said, these “price tag” attacks may make the culprits feel good, but they are likely to be counter-productive.

While Israelis and Palestinians bicker over their land, the Christians get caught up in the crossfire. What a way to keep all three Abrahamic religions on good terms with each other. :rolleyes:

Prayers for all. :gopray2:

Yes it is sad. Many christians have fled the region because of such violence and hatred. When I did visit the Holy Land it was amazing though to find that many of the christian churches (eg Church of the Nativity) are maintained often by muslims. I had quite an interesting talk with the caretaker/ maintance man at the Church of the Nativity (a muslim) who told me it was more than just a job but a privilage.

“I do not mean to excuse…” You failed at your intent.

Then I apologize for that. I think the culprits need to be caught and made to pay restitution, as well as whatever other penalties Israeli law provides for.

I posted my comment in reaction to the word “trashed,” which to me sounds as if they wrecked the place. I wanted to point out that the damage was far less than that

Thank you for the clarification. With that clarification I agree with your concern over the use of the word “trashed”.

fixed that for ya.

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