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I got an e-mail from the lady I work with yesterday about me getting more duties. This part got me a little upset:

If you will remember, when you applied for work here we told you the virtual goal for you is to be able to work in the service dept. when I’m not here and after I retire. I do hope this is still your goal.

As some of you know, I’m going back to school in a couple weeks and I’m majoring in Elementary Education. That will in no way help me with my job here. Once I have that degree in my hands I’m going to get a teaching job. Thats my goal as of now. My work knows I’m going back to school but doesn’t know what I’m majoring in. During my interview to get the job here, I was asked if I was going to ever go back to school and I said no. That was almost a year ago and at that time I wasn’t planning on going. From different things that have been said, I think they are trying to get me to say that I’ll be here forever (the lady that wrote the e-mail is retiring in 5 years) or are trying to get me to tell them my major so they can fire me because thats a major that won’t help the company out.

I sat down last night and wrote down every single bill I have. IF it came down to it, I could use my loan money to live on and then get at part-time job. My car will be paid off in January. My rent is $375 a month…so as long as I got a part-time job where I could atleast make that I could use my loan money for the other stuff…If I had a part-time job I could go to school full time and get done faster. Its so much to think about. I just feel like I’m being cornered and they are wanting me to make plans for the next 20 years. I could be married and living in who knows where in 10 years. This e-mail isn’t the first thing either that made me think they are trying to get me to agree to stay here…There is a list of things.

I love the CAF and I know you all only want great things for me so I wanted to get your input.


I think you might be reading a little too much into that. If your company is not paying your tuition, they have no say in what you study. They can only fire you for your job performance, not your goals several years down the road.

I think the best advice is while you are at work, focus on doing the best job possible. Don’t get stressed about not being committed to your job for the rest of your life. Very few employees have that kind of dedication. If anyone asks about what you are studying, just let them know that you are going to community college and taking some general education courses. You can be vague and non-commital.


No one can MAKE you stay at a job. I agree with the above post, just do your best, and your personal life is just that, personal. They don’t need to know the details. Just give them as generous a notice as you can give when you do leave so you don’t burn a bridge, and be gone.

Life goes on - no one has to be in any given job from cradle to grave any more. Those days are long gone.



Like another poster said, I beleive you are probably reading too much into what they are saying. Of course employers want good employees to stay! Some employers will even try and convince you to stay, or guilt you into staying! The bottom line is that unless they are handing you a legal and binding contract to sign that says “I will work here until I am dead” then you are probably just listening to people trying to convince you to stay.

I know of no employer that expects employees to commit to 20 years…people get sick, move, have families, get new jobs etc…etc…also sometimes even employers change the course of their lives! Businesses close down, they downsize, they change locations or get sold…this is a fact of life.

Relax, you are doing fine. Keep on the right track, do a good job at work, keep going to school and don’t read too much into what they are saying. They can’t make you stay, they can’t make you say that you will stay and you are not morally obligated to stay. Hope this helps.


This isn’t the first thing that has happened…There have been several comments that have been made and this e-mail is just the latest thing that has happened.


Don’t worry too much. I currently work at a law office and am going back to school to get my masters in education which doesn’t help with my job either. I just tell myself that from 8:30 to 5:00 I’m an employee but before and after that is none of their business. Besides…if they do fire you because you are going to school on your own time…and you can prove it…those are grounds for a law suit, just like any other discrimination is.


I nod along with the other posters, and also offer this…whatever new skills, contacts, opportunities you pick up in the new training, are all to your benefit. Even if you never use them again specifically, they will " train your brain" and indeed, you never know when those skills will pop up and come in handy.

Do your best, make no promises you can’t keep, none of us know what life has in store for us. At the bottom line, even the company understands that. They can’t promise you a job forever, and they know you can’t make them any promises beyond being a good worker while in their employment.

I just picked up the latest addition of our employee handbook. On every page are the words “this shall not be construed to be a contract” Words to live by.



Says who? Unless you’re working under a contract, most employers in most states employ “at will”–that means you can quit for any reason you want and they can fire you for any reason they want. Replacing someone’s whose personal goals are more in line with the company’s goals certainly seems reasonable.

However, you’re spot on with the rest of your comments! Only other thing I would add is, of course, that the OP shouldn’t make any misleading statements.


I don’t think so. You can’t make a blanket statement that ANY type of “discrimination” is illegal, because then employers wouldn’t be able to “discriminate” on the basis of job performance and fire underperforming employees.

Take a look at this web page from the US EEOC: . The web page lists the types of discrimination that are prohibited, such as race and religion.

It is not illegal discrimination if an employer fires an employee because the employee’s career goals are not a good match for the company.

To learn more about at-will employment, read this link:


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