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hello, i have been seeing many many problems at my parish latley i am a youth of 16 and a eucharistic minister and sacrastin. my problem tho is with the music ministry and the “youth masses” or as i call them concerts. the youth orchestra is in the front of the church and at first it was a small thing of maybe 10 people now its grown to 30 and has gone infront of the lectionary and is starting to go infront of the altar. also some of my fellow eucharistic ministers show no compassion and/or reverence to the body and blood of Christ. then also we are getting a new youth representitive for our parish liturgy board and this child i know to be unchaste and indifferent to religious matters and doesnt care at all for the sacraments. he only sees mass as a way to show off his musical talents. our pastor has tried to put an end to all of this but the music minister is over controlling and disobiedent to our pastor. tho my pastor doesnt know about the new youth rep. being unchaste. i wanted to get some more input from other people cause i dont wanna act to harshly. your opinion is very appreciated thank you and God bless


Your pastor needs to fire the music minister and get one that will defer to his position. You, yourself, can do nothing but complain to the pastor. Bring him your concerns.



Digressing from the thread topic but you are not a Eucharistic Minister. Only a priest is a Eucharistic Minister. You would be an Extraordinary Minister of the Holy Eucharist. They are not the same.


You should complain to your pastor, and support him in taking steps to remedy this. It seems like your pastor wants to do the right thing. Maybe talk to other in the parish who agree with you and show your support for you pastor in eliminating these practices.

God Bless


To digress even further, the correct term (per Redemptionis Sacramentum) is Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. :slight_smile:




Forgive me if this comes across as uncharitable, but here we have a rare gift - a young person eager to see the Liturgy reverently celebrated – and some can’t get beyond a hand-slap of terminology correction? Surely the genuine concerns raised in the OP have a higher urgency than that!


Seems like you have a legitimate problem. I’m in Youth Ministry (Life-Teen) and I can tell you, there is absolutely no excuse for the lack of respect for the Eucharist you are describing. Mass is the celebration of the Eucharist, and reverence must be at the very basis of every Mass. The Celebration of the Eucharist is not a rock concert. Correcting these abuses is the job of the Pastor. Should he be unwilling or unable to correct the abuses you describe, it may be necessary to inform your Bishop of the problems. Before doing this though, give your Pastor the first crack at correcting the problem. Approach your parish council, see it they can help. Obviously, descretion is required here, as it is in my next suggestion. If the Pastor is unwilling/unable to correct the problem, bring it to the attention of the Bishop. As a final thought, and you might think it a cop-out, but you might think of worshipping at another parish.


Is there an age requirement to be an EMHC?


I am wondering out of curiosity. Sorry to ask, I dont know how to find the rules and regs on it.:o


Actually, giving him the correct language to use will enable him to be taken more seriously by the pastor, especially since he is a young person. We all need all the advantages we can get. :wink:

It also allows us to express ourselves clearly, and not leave our hearers guessing at what we must have meant to say.


thank you very much for the comments guys it helps me alot and dont worry i took no offense to the terminology comments infact i was wondering what the correct terminology was since i have only ever heard of eucharistic minister full knowing that only a priest was the eucharistic minister. once agian thank you.


Perhaps; however, considering that he is a youth, and he seems intent on going to the pastor, if he doesn’t want to be treated as a “know-it-all” kid, then it helps if he has 1) his terminology correct, and 2) can cite to the GIRM correctly and intelligently as to his concerns.

Enthusiasm is great; poorly directed enthusiasm all too often results in a dismissal. which is not to say that directed enthusiasm won’t be dismissed; but if one is serious and wants to be treated seriously, then one needs to take the issue seriously enough to educate oneself in both the terminology and rules.


How do you know that

some of my fellow eucharistic ministers show no compassion and/or reverence to the body and blood of Christ.

and that

we are getting a new youth representitive for our parish liturgy board and this child i know to be unchaste and indifferent to religious matters and doesnt care at all for the sacraments. he only sees mass as a way to show off his musical talents.

How do you know a person is unchaste unless you are witnessing/watching lurid behavior or participating in such behavior with this person. You may suspect that they are unchaste but can you “know”?

To gossip is not very christian. What is you motive? Were you hoping to be the youth representative? Who selects the youth representative.

Now liturgy should not be a ‘circus’. Our liturgies should be respectful and focused on Jesus. I am remineded that King David danced before the Lord naked…reading that sounds scandelous and I do not support a church full of naked bodies at mass…far from it. However, I would not say that David was not showing respect and honor to God. Then of course we also know that David fell into sin with Bethsheba ans was unchaste. David reconciled himself with God and received many blessings afterwards…


Check out
That might answer your question… it depends on your diocese for the most part.


Actually there is no “title” for a lay person distributing Communion. The liturgical function is called, “extraordinary minister of Holy Communion.” Please note the explicit use of capitalization as well as what RS 156 says.


LOL, hair splittingly true. Thanks for the correction. We now return this thread to regularly scheduled programming.:smiley:


This isn’t splitting hairs. The use of lay Communion distributors has gotten out of control to the point of rampent abuse. Part of the reason why is because they think they have a title and a minitry. RS sought to reign that in. They no longer have a title, there is only a liturgical function associated with their use. The Church does not want them to have a title because that is what it leading to their overuse and the other abuses that have cropped up.


Whoa, settle down big fella. I referred to hair splitting because one of the definitions of a title is a descriptive name…and most EMHCs that I know of most definitly use that as a description of what they do. If you don’t want to call it a title that’s fine but I would venture to say that most normal (ie. non-legal) people do. Personally I agree that EMHCs are over used and that it has become more than was intended…however I think it is a stretch to state that it has gotten out of control simply because people think they have a “title”. All of the people I know who function as EMHCs are doing it out of a sense of service and are not doing it because it makes them feel special…at least that’s what they have told me in our conversations. The reason usage of EMHCs has gotten out of control is because parish Priests have allowed it. It is the Priest that runs the Parish, not the parishoners.


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