Problem with movie '2012'

This movie has been influenced by MPAC (Muslim Public Affairs Council, a Muslim Brotherhood terrorist front organization). In the movie, it seems that everyone’s holy sites are blown up except for Islam’s sites such as the place where they worship the Black Rock in Mecca, and where Mohammed’s bones lie in Medina.

Bill O’Reilly brought up tonight that this was because MPAC influenced the movie’s Producers to not blow their sites up.

As with a movie called ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ which was another movie influenced by MPAC to show Osama bin Laden’s viewpoint of the Crusades we see this again in 2012. The Christians were portrayed as the bad guys. We saw MPAC’s influence also in the TV show, ‘24’.

The propaganda machine is very strong, as we see in the news when they talked about the Ft. Hood shootings on ABC, NBC and CBS.

The findings are from the ‘Conservative Culture and Media Institute’ and the study was done between 5-10 Nov 2009, and was put out on 11 Nov 2009.

•85% of stories didn’t mention ‘terrorism’
•7 terrorism references in 48 reports
•29% of stories mentioned Hasan was a Muslim
•of those mentions, 50% defended Islam
•before Obama’s speech, 50% ignored terror link
•Obama mentioned that extremist’s views were involved, all three networks started mentioning a possible connection to terror.

For the most part the media is not reporting truthfully and are taking their cues from this administration. It explains why so many people think that Major Hasan was probably terrified, or troubled and not a cold blooded murderer who planned far ahead what he did to those people at Fort Hood.

Some in the media are still calling this shooting a tragedy. It was not a tragedy, it was an act of terrorism.

yeah and they specially focus on our faith, am sick and tired of hollywood, is time for Catholics to start their own production companies and make good movies again like “El Cid”

I have to say, I was kind of indignant that they showed the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel cracking right between the fingers in the Finger of God painting, and they show the rotunda toppling sideways and rolling down over masses of people. I try not to take offense, it’s just a movie, but…was that really necessary?

i know how you feel :blush:


Here are bits of an interview with Roland Emmerich about directing 2012… it made my stomach turn.

“I always try to come up with what makes sense for the story, you know?” Emmerich says. “And it’s not only about the destruction. It has to kind of stand for something. One of my favorite pieces of art is Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: … God … reaches out to Adam, and the crack goes through it. It’s just an interesting kind of notion.”

“Why … don’t [we] have the church fall on people’s head?” Emmerich said. He added: “The whole Vatican kind of tips and kind of rolls over the people. It said something, because in the story, some people … believe in praying and prayer, and they pray in front of the church, and it’s probably the wrong thing, what they would do in that situation.” “Because I’m against organized religion,” Emmerich says."

“But Emmerich was thinking of something even more explosive: the Kaaba, the cube-shaped building at the heart of Mecca, the focus of prayers and the Islamic pilgrimage called the Hajj; it is one of Islam’s holiest sites. Really?”

“Well, I wanted to do that, I have to admit,” Emmerich says. “But my co-writer Harald said I will not have a fatwa on my head because of a movie. And he was right. … We have to all … in the Western world … think about this. You can actually … let … Christian symbols fall apart, but if you would do this with [an] Arab symbol, you would have … a fatwa, and that sounds a little bit like what the state of this world is. So it’s just something which I kind of didn’t [think] was [an] important element, anyway, in the film, so I kind of left it out.”


am not surprised… bunch of cowards in hollywood

I still kind of want to see the movie, I get into these kinds of movies, because of the “what if” factor.

I’m not sure I would have even noticed the anti-Christian or anti-religious element to this had I not read his comments. I guess when I saw the previews I thought to myself that he was using the religious sites for effect. Like destroying a familiar image would make it seem more real, or more devestating. Guess I was wrong there… :cool:

I guess I’ll find out when I see the movie. I don’t know how it ends, if it ends with the total distruction of the world, we can all assume that the Black Rock in Mecca was too destroyed, even though we didn’t see it in the movie.

If the movie ends with people praying at the Black Rock in Mecca, the only thing that appears to be still standing in the entire world, then I might be a little upset. :shrug:

This is UNINTENTIONALLY a major compliment to christianity and a blow to Islam. Here these Hollywood big shots live in comfort and know that they can deliver a deadly insult to the beliefs of christians and not suffer one whit for it. They know intuitively that the christians may be irritated, but will turn the other cheek. That’s a score on our side, folks.

On the other hand, they recognize that muslims would take offense to similar portrayal and that their lives would be in danger. Quite the statement!

Here they live in the West surrounded by at least nominal christians, many of them gun owners and feel perfectly free to write themes insulting to christians, while muslims are a TINY percentage of our population, routinely scrutinized by law enforcement (who deny that, of course) and yet they are scared for their lives to cause offense.

Good job Christendom. :thumbsup:

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