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Much too complicated a personal story to go into here, but suffice it to say I am in a unique (tragically) position in my life and am consecrated to Jesus. I have been under serious attack for quite a long time and am actively searching for guidance, so I begged Him to “let me see You” last night. And, I had a dream. A very odd, unique, and incredible dream. I DID “see” Him in a way that was quite unexpected.

So I have this Priest (I am a cantor in his church on Saturday) that is my confessor and knows all about my lifelong strange spiritual encounters. He’s much like me, in fact, in that he has had many such experiences. I don’t ordinarily go to him and report my dreams so for me to do that means something. I went to his church at Noon to spend three hours in front of the Blessed Sacrament in its reposed position and to see if I could obtain a Host for a housebound neighbor. He was actually in the church so he led me to the tabernacle where the Blessed Sacrament was reposed in order to get me a Host. This was across the church and he and I were practically alone (there was one man in front of the Blessed Sacrament praying and two teenage boys walking across the church to the outside doors). I began to attempt to tell him about this dream, which was (to repeat myself, sorry) mind boggling to me. He stepped away from me as I was in the middle of talking and approached the two boys and shook their hands, and then returned to me as we were walking and said nothing more. In other words, he totally ignored what I had been trying to tell him.

I really trust this Priest but I feel totally dismissed and am starting to worry if he thinks I’m some sort of wacko. Being hypersensitive to rejection is a huge problem for me (I lost my daughter at age 23 two years ago and am now diagnosed with complex post traumatic stress disorder). Am I over reacting? A voice of reason would be appreciated. Is it an error for me to take this personally? Even worse (and so hard for me to do), should I talk to him about this? Should I tell him it bothered me so much and that I was looking for his guidance and advice? Should I just let it go? I’m really distressed by it. Thanks for your feedback. :confused:

yes you are overreacting…be at peace. He meant no harm.

Remember, a good priest won’t interfere when he sees the Lord working in someone…

When things like this happen to me, I just figure the other person is having a bad day or a senior moment or something like that. This is due to the fact that I constantly do things like that for those reasons :o

Did this JUST happen? I am sorry but I cannot imagine a more busy and stressful time for a priest than Holy Week. He probably had his mind on 100’s of things that he had to do. I thought it was very sweet that he took the time to get you a host and listened to you for a tiny bit even though he stepped away.

I understand you have a lot of stress because of your daughter and I am so very sorry for you. Perhaps if you want to talk to your priest, making an appointment would be better? I have heard before that priests prefer appointments when possible, since people coming up to them out of the blue wanting to talk about deep and important matters is not always something they are ready or have time for.

He probably cares for you a lot and wants to help you, however (sorry if this sounds naive of me) but listening to someone talk about their dreams in detail does not sound useful at all to me but maybe there are things I don’t know? God bless you.

You should keep these " events " to yourself. Its O.K. to tell your priest but no one else. And don’t draw attention to yourself in your religious devotions. " Reposing " yourself on the floor is exhibitionary, so don’t do that. O.K, at home in the privacy of your home. No, anywhere else. Marthone visits to the Blessed Sacrament should be avoided, an hour a day is acceptable. Also avoid any unusual practices without the advice of your confessor.


I think you might have misread the OPs post. She said the Blessed sacrament was reposed, not her. She was just praying in front of it.:thumbsup:

My personal opinion is this:
In my book, and I’m sure for many others as well, this is by far the Holiest and most Sacred time of year and you (like so many of us) went to church to pray to the Lord our God for guidance. (for you, because of a dream you had) that’s fine.
We all pray for different reasons. BUT…

If you were at the Altar of Repose, (as I understand your post), we have always maintained total silence during this most solemn time.
We are all there for the same reason, to show reverence and pray for forgiveness, understanding, whatever you choose. (here comes another BUT…)

I’m sorry, quite frankly if I were that priest or anyone else for that matter, and you struck up a conversation, I would have given you the shush look and point in the direction of a door to ‘take it outside’.

I don’t think it is proper to start a conversation nor seek a ‘confession’ outside the norm.
If you have a problem that is bothering you, then as stated by someone else in an earlier post, go to the rectory or call Fr. for an appointment. Yes, he is very busy just like everyone else, but more so than the lay person.

The Triduum in itself has many facets that most of the congregation has no idea of the involvement with the changes for the different masses, services, prayers, even more if there are any RCIA candidates (as we have this year). Making sure that all the Ministries know what they are supposed to do, when and how to do it, as this Celebration is unlike any other throughout the year!

He has a ton of things on his mind I’m sure and probably did not mean any disrespect for you and your personal problem, however it would be most proper if you could wait until after Easter to speak with him.

Sorry for being so long winded, but I have to express my thoughts and feelings as I see them, not meaning to bore anyone.

Thank you and may God Bless you.

Yes thank you for both your answers. I spoke to a good Christian friend on the phone last evening and she said God may have DELIBERATELY removed Fr. from me at that moment with a distraction because He, Himself, wanted to “explain” the meaning of the dream. Which He did, by the way!

I did not lie on the floor. I sat and said the Divine Mercy Chaplet (Good Friday is day one of the novena). I spent a lot of time in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Jesus is my psychiatrist (lol). And I do not do any “unusual” practices. I am quite aware of demonic activity, my daughter was profoundly mentally ill and I was seriously attacked by the “things” that attached themselves to her. Thank you.

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