Problem with sending PM's?


I’m unable to send a PM (3rd attempt) and each time the message does not go through, but instead, I get an automated system message saying that my post has been flagged by the community as inappropriate. It’s just chit-chat about a movie. No swear words (of course). Is there a problem?


I have no idea,but as others have mentioned if you use a name of someone like the short version of Richard it will cause a problem.

Apart from that I don’t know.


Yes…that is probably it…I used that exact name when mentioning the famous actor D. van Dyke. Thanks!
(I know lots of people think he’s a bad actor :grin: )


I like mr van dyke, except his cockney accent :rofl:
Have a blessed day


Yeah, I forgot about his name being on the auto-bot trigger list when we had a thread last month discussing the new Mary Poppins movie. It resulted in the same thing you’re getting. At the time I started a Feedback thread that got rather long and we were assured the problem would be fixed for the forum. I have not tried to post Dirk von Duck’s name again in these threads, but I’m guessing if they fixed it, they probably fixed it for the forum and not for the PMs.


I always figured he was just an American sailor who went AWOL and was trying to fit in :rofl:
He sure can dance though.


Maybe he should be referred to as Richard VanD?



I’m thinking of referring to him as DVD. I have a few of those with him as the main star.




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