Problem with what to Confess

This is going to take some guts to say this to public but my soul is at stake so I’ll do it. I’ve commited multiple times sins of the flesh. Sins such as masterbation, lust, looking at pornography, etc. But nothing physically sexual with another person. When I go to confession, I know that I must confess all of these sins because they are all mortal sins. I really want to change my life around and I need to start with prayer and going to Confession but there’s another thing about these sins, I’ve done them with homosexual feelings. This is where I get confused, because I don’t know whether to just confess those sins or confess them as doing them with homosexual feelings but I’ve never actually done anything homosexual with another person so I don’t know if I should still confess it. I’m sorry if this seems confusing to some but I’m really confused and my soul is restless and I’m just looking for the peace of Jesus to calm and nourish my soul. Thank You and God Bless!

Just tell him what you just told us! There’s no magic formula. Just be honest. I would tell him about the homosexual feelings, not because that makes it more sinful, but because the priest will be able to help and advise you better if he knows what exactly is making you struggle.

Hang in there! The priest will be happy to help you!

Yes! When in doubt, confess everything. If you need to explain it then do so.

I am kinda jealous of you for that beautiful post-confession feeling. There is nothing like hearing that you’re absolved from your sins… :heaven:

Dear jongenaro,
First of all “Welcome” to “Catholic Answers”!!! It is a wonderful place to be if you have questions or concerns about your Faith. It is an awesome place to be if you are searching for a better life that includes God as your center point. I am so happy to be here! There are so many that reach out for you on this forum. It is truly amazing and heart-warming!
As far as communicating with your Priest during Confession, I would lay it all out for him. Tell him exactly how you are feeling and what you are feeling. Tell him your concerns and your wishes to change and your desire to become closer to God.
I have gone to confession all nervous and wondering if I am remembering everything I need to tell him. Sometimes, and this should not even be a concern for anyone, but I think what the Priest might think of me as I confess my sins. I know that is not the right approach to take. My only concern should be that I make a good confession and that I am, indeed, sorry for my sins. Even with this extra worry sometimes, I HAVE NEVER been disappointed in any Priest because a lack of their support. They understand much more than we may give them credit for. I always feel so much better after going to Confession!!!
God is such a “Forgiving God”. He knows, as humans, we all make mistakes! He also is a very “Loving God”, which we should always remember as we try each day to keep Him in the center of our life’s!
Angel Face


You have an addiction to orgasms, you watch pornagraphy in order to have an orgasm. You feel this way whenever you feel down or when you feel spiritually high. All of these sins of the flesh must be confessed and the penance performed because if you don’t, you will have to do the penance anyway in purgatory. We are all sinners, that’s why Jesus came to earth and died on the Cross for us sinners. When ever you sin you are the person with the whip slashing the body of Christ, you are the person spitting on Jesus, slapping Him and asking him to stop you if He is really the Son of God, you are the person nailing His hands to the Cross, you are the thief who challenges Jesus to come down from that Cross if He is the Son of God. When yo have an orgasm outside of marriage union in the attempt to have children of God, you are living the lie of Satan, you will not die, its okay.
Prayer is the only help you have to call upon. It is impossible to sin while praying. Wrap the rosary around your hand, keep it there especially when the temptations of the flesh come.:):):slight_smile:
God Bless you, I will pray for you:):):slight_smile:

I’d like to thank all of you for your comments and prayers from the bottom of my heart. For almost two weeks now, I have not masterbated or looked at any filthy images of any kind. Any time that a temptation comes up, I offer it to God for the conversion of sinners and for the souls in purgatory. After I do that, the temptation usually goes away. I have felt myself become stronger and more able to resist temptations ever since I’ve been doing that and have definitly seen improvement. Thank you and God Bless! =)

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