Problems at work, need some advice

Hello, I hope this message finds everyone well. :slight_smile:

I currently work in a 3rd party company that has various projects for various big name corporations. I recently switched to a new project, because the previous one I worked for was going down.

Now, the old building was okay, my boss was a christian and tried to keep things on the floor at least a pg-13 level, and I could move to a different place when it wasn’t. It was a good job and I enjoyed it mostly, if only for the few good people I worked with. I think my boss actually was part of the reason I rejoined the church, but that’s not what I’m here to discuss.

The new building I’m in is far different. Everyone there isn’t monitored with what they say, the managers simply don’t care so long as you’re working. I have to listen constantly to who has slept with whom, and is this person that person’s baby daddy, or this person cheated on that person or who would you want to be with in bed. There’s also a literal statistic estimated that 1 in 4 of the women there have miscarried, and I constantly here stories about physical and emotional abuse and talking about how people want to get revenge rather than find peace. Several people who transferred with me from the old building are thinking about quiting due to all these things. We’ve gone to HR but the managers say nothing is going on and what not, so nothing’s really been done.

Not only this but I mean, the whole place just feels terrible, unclean. I’m not sure if that’s in my head or not, but the only way I can describe it is that feeling you get when you walk into your church, that calm and peace? It’s the opposite at this place, it’s like when you walk into the building you’re immediately on edge. I’ve taken to praying the rosary on breaks and to St. Michael during work quietly to myself and that’s helped somewhat.

I just don’t know what to do though, I’d like to quit but jobs are so scarce, I mean I’m 19 almost 20 so I really don’t have that many responsibilities but i do have my rent and bills to pay and what not so it’s like I’m stuck. I’ve been praying about it and decided maybe someone here could give me more advice?

Also, I wasn’t sure where to post this, so I do hope this is the right place and apologize if it wasn’t.

Don’t listen. If you can have a radio or listen to headphones.

Also do not entertain the gossip. If you are in a group and it starts, walk away. If someone comes up to you and starts to gossip politely ask them to stop that you do not wish to talk about that kind of stuff at work.

This is what I did when confronted with a simular situation.

Good stuff…Thankfully this is a one time project but you will find this situation again…My beloved wife has this same situation and just excuses herself…If you are allowed and have to be around them constantly an mp3 player with ear buds and good faith uplifting music if allowed. It don’t have to be loud but just enough to be above the garbage…It’s good you recognize that at such a young age…God bless you and help you with this…

BTW you might be sensing a spiritual aspect to this also(spiritual atmosphere) as well as the physical atmosphere

Thank you both for the advice, I’ll try that as well, not sure if we’re allowed to listen to music. However I do have some good news. Literally less than an hour after praying about it again and posting it I got a call from a different company in town who want to set up an interview for next Tuesday. Thing is, they turned me down when I originally applied with them nearly six months ago. If I get the job it’s definitely an answer to prayer! :smiley:

I agree with ByzCath…

Have you ever thought that maybe God has put you in this place to be a witness?

The example you set in the workplace could change your coworkers’ lives.

Your disinterest will, at the very least, make them curious.

Also, it is in the midst of occasions like these, that we are granted opportunities to enrich our spiritual and prayer life as well as our relationship with Jesus.

Every time you hear some profanity uttered, “Jesus, forgive them, they do not know what they do.” Is probably the best prayer to say in these cases.

Also, offer up your prayers as a recompense for the injuries done to His Most Sacred Heart.

If the situation becomes unbearable, and you find yourself breaking down or accepting your surrounding as ordinary… then look for another job.

Nothing is worth compromising your faith and morals.

But don’t be hasty… pray… ALOT.

Keeping you in prayer,

Cool…keep us posted…May the Lord put you right where He wants you…

Yay! That’s awesome!

Have you tried a pair of noise-canceling headphones? They don’t have to be connected to anything to work. [Be sure to get a pair that fit completely over the ears.] Or alternatively, some ear-protective foam earplugs available at your local pharmacy.

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