Problems at work with a co-worker


My co worker has been saying inappropriate comments about me he said in front our team leader that first another co-worker was my father and then he said the man who is old enough to be my father wants to hook up with me. Why would he says that. This was the last straw I finally had the courage to tell our boss what he said and the first day I workers their and the experience I am feeling about it. I don’t know why he acts this way. The other day he finally got called out by the new manager she doesnt know him so she knew his behavior is inappropriate. I am just worried that when I get back to work there will be friction and gossip about the two of us. He was talking to some guy and the guy looked at me and he then looked at him and he was nodding his head like saying no to him. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I am really worried now. Please help me with some advice. God Bless.



YouTube is loaded with these type instruction awareness videos.


You’ve done the right thing. Ignore any gossip and walk with your head held high. If people are still causing you trouble after this, go to HR and tell your boss again.


It sounds as if he is mentally ill or at best mentally warped. He may have some warped designs himself so I think I would stay far away from him as possible. You have followed the correct recourse and now it is prayer time. There is an old saying, “Give a man enough rope and he will hang himself,” so keep yourself on solid and professional ground. Your co-workers and boss will soon have his m. o. I’ll pray for you the best I know how.


One final video that you might find interesting…
When you saw that he was talking with another coworker…
This - is what he was doing -


so what if they gossip? what they say, you won’t even know about. If they are mean to you that’s something else. Just try to move on and be kind to them


It’s workplace harassment and you’re covered under federal law. Further, your employer is required to take steps to end it if you report it.


Does anyone else act that way towards you?


No. Only him and his friends he talks to. I just don’t understand why he talks that way. I think he thinks his being cute and funny. But he is not funny. I try to be nice and smile, but this is too much with inappropriate comments. I told him about the other co workers making comments about him and he said don’t listen to them they just kidding around.


Huge issue at my work as well with slander and gossip. Trying my best to let it pass. Daily testing by the Lord.


People wonder why they’re often picked out as the ones gossiped about. Stay with the people who are nice, and the ones you get along with.


I don’t understand why they do this things. Trying to understand them is so stressful. I think his jealous and because I giving everbody else attention and not him. I am just afraid that he will make it seems i am at fault. That’s why no one believes women because this men make it out to be their fault. I don’t know what to do. I won’t he at work until Saturday. I need some advice. Thank you. God Bless You.


I am sorry perpetua that you are going through this. This kinda sounds like a bullying situation. Perhaps he feels he has found a weakness in you and likes to exploit it. These guys sound like punks. In the old days we would settle this in a way that is frowned upon today. This is a game to him and unfortunately if he does not do anything that is obvious harassment then you can’t report him. You are going to have to learn to ignore, continue to be a good person and go about your business. Maybe if he sees that it does not bother you he will stop or do something that you can report him on. Keeping you in prayer.


I went back to work today. I notice my team leader was working on Saturday. My coworker who was harrassing me looked terrified. He didn’t even go near the team leader at all, he didn’t joke around with anyone and when he saw our teamleader was working today he ran so fast to the opposite direction. He was mostly hanging around his friend and his friend was the one going to the front with the work. When he did have a question he made sure people were near the team leader and he was so far away he just use a loud voice to talk to him. The team leader didn’t even smile at him. He was acting like a Sargeant in the military. I didn’t ask my team leader if he talked to him because I was afraid my coworker would hear us. He didn’t even talk any woman working today. he was mainly hiding from the team leader the whole day and he wouldn’t leave his friends side. It was weird. I was really expecting him just to apologize to me, which is what I wanted him to do and just want him to respect me not act like coward. I know the truth he is a coward, and a very insecure little boy.


There is a good chance he has been harassing others and it has been reported. The team leader probably has his number. Ignore the guy.


I thought everything was okay at work but it’s just got stranger and weirder. I was told my a co-worker(DT) that the guy (TG)I have been talking to work that the reason why he wasn’t at work was that his father was sick, she told me that she got the information from the woman (NT) who hangs out with the guy (TB) who has been giving me problems at work. I went to tell TG and he told me that he doesn’t have a father and not to listen to those people at work. It was not true. Instead he didn’t confront NT he went to confront TB instead. TG and TB are always outside after work talking about everything that happens at work. I mean if they dont like working there then leave. TG and TB have the best jobs nobody gets mad at them and they just dont do that much work. I was so upset and I was shaking and I just don’t know why people will say something about someone’s father that way. I was literally crying when I heard that news. I don’t know what type of games they are playing but it’s not a joke lying about a coworker’s father that way. TG told someone else that I was crazy and it wasn’t true.


Maybe stop repeating second hand stories to people that you have no way of really knowing about.

Really, you are not going to make friends at that place. Just do your work and keep to yourself. Listen, but don’t repeat anything to others.


This seriously sounds like something out of the sixth grade. Just go to work, do your job, and try your best to stay out of the nonsense that these folks are creating.


Just as everyone has said. It sounds as if ALL OF YOU have too much time on your hands and everyone is in everyone’s business. Gossip is well and alive. Give it a wide birth as it is destructive.

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