Problems with 2nd Commandment...HELP!

Hi, lately I have been having a problem with using God’s name in vain when I get angry. Anybody have any advice for me? It’s beginning to become an issue with me. Also, if you guys could please pray for me I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks and God bless

Prayer and the grace of confession helps, and also thinking of an innocuous word such as “wow” if you must say anything at all.

I know several people who have that bad habit, and it truly is an eyesore for the ears when it is used when one gets angry…or for anything that is not truly a prayer. With the help of the Lord bad habits can be broken!

Obtain a copy of the “Golden Arrow” prayer, which is given to us by JESUS to heal the wounds to HIS Heart when HIS name is taken in vain.

A habit is something you use as a result of a decision you make, or made in the past, and you will to use that habit for accomplishing activities, perhaps in accomplishing recognition of your emotions behind your words by others.
You have been given some good habits, virtues, by God when you were baptized. Intellectual Virtues, Moral Virtues, Theological Virtues.
Temperance is one of them. How do you use it? Simply by deciding to. For instance, if you seem to have a habit of overeating (like me), using the habit of temperance does not mean I have to try and fight the habit of overeating, try to say no all the time. Instead it means I look at myself, my life, and I realize that my goal, my end, for life is to be united with God eternally. So all the actions of my body are not for keeping my taste buds and stomach happy, but to aid my soul in joining to my God. I decided, then, with this thinking, that I was going to make use of the habit of temperance. I (my reason, my will) was going to decide before each meal how much to give my body to keep it healthy. I was not going to listen to my appetite any more to give me the portion sizes it required.

This is all I did, came to that conclusion. Now, with that decision to use the habit of temperance, it (that habit) has free reign in me to operate as a habit. So when I pack my lunch in the morning, it is like second nature, from the first day, to look over the refrigerator and say, “My body will do well in carrying my soul with one sandwich, a container of fruit, 3 bananas, a bag of baby carrots, one brownie”. Whereas I used to pack it up under the overeating habit of my appetite with what appeared would keep me full all day.
*]Habits are like second nature and take no thinking, to help you reach a goal you have chosen to reach (either temporal satisfaction / good, or eternal good)
*]If you have a habit, sometime in the past you decided you would use it
*]You can decide by your reason and will to use a habit
*]You have been given “superhuman habits” (the virtues) by God
*]What is your goal, where are you going in life? Which habits are you choosing to use?
*]What, in the scheme of that goal can your tongue, your words, help you achieve? Can you find a way to express that in a decision? (such as, “I am going to use the habits of prudence and temperance to have my tongue, my words, aid me in my union with Christ and the Father, because I delight in knowing them and being known by them” - what would your own words be? what would your decision be? only you know.)
[/LIST]Well, I hope this makes sense,…

John Martin

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