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I am quite certain that I am a scrupulous person although my previous confessors never told me so. When I was in high school, I used to think that my confessions were sacrilegious, without being absolutely certain (questions in my mind like ‘what ifs’ or ‘did i really’?), and I frequented confession without feelng any better. Technically, I had made 3 general confessions because of the feeling that every previous confession I had made was a sacrilege and thetefore invalid. Until finally, I made a last general confession and stopped my self from thinkijg too much, although it still did not feel any better. This problem still troubles me everytime I go to confession, although sometimes I am able to resist it. Am I actually guilty of sacrilege or is it just my mind that tells me I am? Please pray for me and help me :)I

Hi! I know what you are going through and it’s hard. Regarding confession, one shouldn’t repeat it based on feelings, but you must have a valid reason to judge that it wasn’t a good one.
My suggestion is to find a regular confessor who could help you in this matter. Maybe the next time you go, you could tell the priest your anxieties and ask him to guide you. And then follow his advice “scrupulously”;), meaning doing what he says even if you would act otherwise. In the meantime, try not to think about this problem too much, just pray about it and ask the Lord to guide you by his priests. I will pray for you too! :slight_smile:

What is key for you --and the age old practice in the Church regarding possible scrupulosity -is to get a regular confessor. He can determine if you struggle with such and he can then direct you personally. That is the age old practice.

Thanks for your replies! I will do that. But another question, recently I went to confession. During my examination of conscience, I planned to tell this sin “watching, reading or listenig to things that have impure content,or those that could lead me to sin” but during confession, I ommitted telling the “or those that could lead me to sin” I felt good after confessing until I remembered that one. I was thinking why I did not say it, and although the reason is not clear and certain to me, I think I ommitted tha last phrase because I felt like I was being redundant. Again, could it be sacrilege or is it just the way I think? Please post a reply. Thanks guys! God bless you! :thumbsup:

I believe a sacrilege can’t be commited without the person knowing it for certain. And I think you wanted to be sincere during confession and not hide anything necessary to say. But you really have to talk to a priest and listen to him, especially if you are scrupulous; because in this case anybody else’s opinion will not be good enough to take the anxiety from you. Just personal experience…

Okay guys! Thank you! I appreciate your help! I would want to talk to a priest as soon as possible :slight_smile:

You are expected to confess your sins to the best of your ability - if you forget a sin in the confessional, it’s forgiven; God doesn’t expect the impossible.

Secondly, feelings and emotions, while useful, come and go. If you base your faith on feelings, you’re not going to be very faithful. Based on truth, though, will make you a strong Catholic. So, despite feelings of being sacriligious, focus on the truth - after a good confession, your sins are forgiven, no matter the feelings. Sometimes after confession, I feel great, other times, not so much. The good feelings are a grace given by God, not a required result from confession. You are in my prayers.

Thank you so much! Please do pray for me!

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