Problems with confession


alright wel li have this problem with confession… tonight, a different parish than my own offers confession at 7 o clock, and when i dont go to mine on the weekend, i go to this particular church for it…

however, due to my frequency in going, in habitual impurity sin, it feels like i dread going too it, it feels like the confessor doesnt condemn me but sort of does, i would love to go and confess buti feel like its more of a downer than an upper, and i always see the same people looking atme almost in disgust … i dont know why i am like this,

maybe i should wait and go tommorow to my parish?


Nothing wrong with having a preferred priest or parish to confess.
Some priests might suit you better personally
(I’m sure some people need an encouraging priest, and others might prefer a priest who challenges them to do better, we’re all different)

I myself prefer to go to an abbey where there’s hardly anyone around in the queue (they have confession available a few days a week, available for an hour each day),

I don’t know church teaching on delaying confession though… It says in the catechism: to avail of the next possible opportunity.


My two cents:
Try harder not to commit the sins of impurity.
THIS is your immediate task. Confession is for forgiveness, chiefly, but also, and very importantly, CONVERSION,
Pray for purity. Maybe next time, ask the confessor to recommend some good spiritual practices to help you in this manner.


these are difficult and embarrassing sins to confess. you’re feeling sorrow because of your sin. i have the same problem. i confess my sins to God, but when it come to confessing to a priest, it’s much more difficult. that’s a good thing. when you’re tempted to sin, think about what you’re going to have to go through in confession, and ask yourself if it’s going to be worth it. it’s kind of a foreshadowing of judgement, was all the sin committed during life worth it? God bless!


Your confessor does NOT condemn you - he is happy that you continue to fight this habit by coming to confession to return to a state of grace and continue your efforts to overcome the sin. No one is looking at you in disgust - how would they know what you are confessing? Why would they even consider what you might be confessing? What you are experiencing is your own disgust at yourself that you are still in the grip of habitual sin. Remember - we are all sinners. We may have different sinful tendencies but are still sinners. You should never be shocked or surprised at your sinfulness! We all have the capacity to be terrible sinners. Keep presence of God - awareness of Him at all times. Immediately you feel the pull of temptation, pray for help. In the case of impurity, say a Hail Mary immediately and get out of the situation, do something else to take your mind off of it.

Go to confession as soon as you can - every time you need to. It is your main weapon in the fight against sin,


I doubt they are looking at you in disgust. If you’re seeing the same people there, guess what…that means they are sinners, too! (Imagine that…) I’m betting they don’t know your sins, and you don’t know theirs. Most people look uneasy or unpleasant in line for confession because, well, they have things they aren’t proud of on their mind, and they are getting ready to say them out loud to another person (albeit in persona Christi).

Instead, rejoice that there are so many folks who frequently receive that sacrament. I try to thank God every time there’s a long confession line. :slight_smile:


If there is the possibility that one may not be in the state of grace, one should never put off going to confession to the next day. How do you know that tomorrow will come for you? We know not the day nor the hour.

The devil tempts us and makes us feel embarrassed and too ashamed to confess our sins and be restored to grace. Also, I don’t think everyone is staring at you in disgust. Often we perceive people to thinking about us or staring at us when they really aren’t. Also, consider the following: if these people recognize you week after week, it means they’re going to confession week after week. Don’t delay going to confession. Not even until tomorrow.


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