Procced marriage or not



Around one year back, I had attended a counseling and the brother told about a lady who has connected to me in some manner. But Jesus, didn’t reveal anything more. And I started to pray 4 her and I expects that, will meet her in somewhere. But unfortunately it didn’t happen yet.

Now I started to search for my life partner and I got some responses nowadays. Will I meet that lady in somewhere ? or can I continue with proposals I am getting ?

Most of them seems that it is worthless and nothing on this posting… But at the same time, I am facing problems bcose of this and I need advice from you.

I wish to pray and asks for his decision. Please pray for me and if any such lady, please request on your prayers to reveal her soon. I am really confused now!!!

thanks & regards

god bless you.


Dear Friend, I don’t know the origin or type of inspiration but I do know that the Spirit of God does not wish anguish or dilemma. I do know people who spoiled their lives by waiting for some sign, instead of simply trusting, and living their lives peacefully.

Instead of suffering about whether this one or that one is the right person, I pray that God will give you peace.

In the bible, Abraham worried much about when the promised child would be born, and he messed things up by not letting things happen in God’s time, which they eventually did, and the son God had promised was born to Sarah.

Will you pray for peace and trust, that God will lead you to the right person in the right time. And perhaps it is a simple as…the lady shares your Faith in God, and she is kind and good.

God bless you. Trishie


Perhaps if you first prayerfully asked God to help you discern if you were even being called to the vocation of marriage, things would go smoother.

Not everyone is called to marry. If you are one of those who are, then God will lead you to the one He has chosen for you.


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