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I feel so heavy in my heart—I am a woman, but I may as well be 11 years old again as I think of my daddy who is laying there dieing. I can’t stop the dieing with food, water, loving words, or jokes (to make him laugh). He has had enough. This is the very last cancer he has gotten and his body is just tired of fighting to live. He is barely alert to drink water. What I would give at this point to hear him insult me again.

I know I have heard others say what is the deal with asking for prayers??? I can’t expect a miracle of him getting up and dancing----“the cancer is gone!, and you have a new heart! (he has a defribulator)” What I have concluded is that we don’t pray for new stuff, but acceptance and unity with God’s Will. That is not easy to do… sooooo pray for us for that intention.

pray for my dad Gilberto that he will be guided by the angels to see God’s face—and that he will see all his family, including his baby that died when she was 2 yrs old.
pray for my mom, Dila—who is always near him and afraid to face the day she loses him. They have been together all these years since they were 12 and now they are in their 80’s. It will be hard for her.



*You and your loved ones will be in my prayers during this difficult time.

Eternal God, in whom mercy is endless and the treasury of compassion inexhaustible, look kindly upon us, and increase Your mercy in us, so that in difficult moments we might not despair, nor become despondent, but with great confidence, submit ourselves to Your Holy Will, which is Love and Mercy itself. Amen

God bless you †


As soon as I write this, I will pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for your Father. My prayers are with you for you and your family. Take care of yourself too as you take care of your family.:slight_smile:


LORD Jesus
Heal Ur Son .


Praying for you and your father for healing and comfort.


You and your father are in my prayers.


Praying very hard for your intentions!


sea star,
Please know that I am praying for all of your intentions.


God Bless to all who answered my post—I will keep you guys in my prayers too

Semper Fi— from my Dad, a bulldog with the heart of a pussycat.


Father please give Gilberto a great sense of Your love for him and of the welcome that awaits him.
Father please give on-going support and comfort to Dila and their grieving daughter.
Father, Gilberto’s little girl, for that’s who we are to our Dads, is feeling much sorrow and loss as her Dad’s life slips gradually away from her. Please embrace her…and when he slips away to heaven, please let this family feel Your overwhelming love and presence.
I ask this in the name of Your beloved Son.


thank you Trishie Thank you all
I am going again to my dad’s house tonight I just had a surgery to remove my gall bladder a week ago–was in the hospitol for a week with pancreatitis and got to fast a FORCED fast for four days without food or water.
I had a conversation with my dad before I went into the hospitol. I aggravated him because I was talking too loud and saying how I am so glad to see him----I guess he was having a sarcastic moment, which was funny in a way to me when he slurred his speech at me “Yes, I am still alive—think you could keep it down–
-we don’t want them to find out”---- “Them” being “those” that collect dead folk<—his joke, not mine. He just took it for granted that I went often to help my momma change him and feed him, so the minor verbal abuse was okay with me—I laughed and he was fine with it.

But when I got out of the hospitol, he wasn’t talking anymore. His hospice nurse says death is a slow process—and I am just swallowing that right now. I bet you think I am a ninny to cry like a baby—he has had a long life and very full, and I hope you don’t mind me paying him this tribute.

He only knew my last child these past two years, and it was hard for him to see her grow from the perspective of his bed. He has always been very possessive and showering all my daughters with love----the older ones helped in his carpenter’s shop (he built)in the back yard grabbing hammers and nails. They were his gophers. And they helped him feed all the nasty blackbirds and other various birds who thought they owned his trees and were entitled to the seed he gave them. My daughters picked his trees for bananas, pecans, and peaches before the squirrels and other critters could get them. They watered his plants (and themselves).They watched him build “stuff” (swings, tables, toys, cabinets). He liked Dr. Pepper, and much to my disdain gave them their first taste of soda during some of those special times (How COULD you??Now they will bouncing off the walls!)

Well, I had to get it out—thanks—I have to go tonight, and I was crying too much—can’t go that way!----, but I have calmed down. If I write more later, let me—humor me with your patience, and you can tell me some great memories of loved one you have too—if you like.


My daddy , he passed on to the Lord Jesus Christ, his Hope. Thank you to the post-ers that prayed, and the post-er who reminded me of the Mercy Chaplet–which I prayed at his bedside before he died. I am very sad and confused. I feel so guilty that I got sick a week ago and couldn’t help my mom during my recovery of surgery.

I don’t know when I will return to these boards, but God Bless all of you. Amen.


I hope when you do return to the forum, you will have found peace. Your Dad sounds like a great guy and I’m sure he will find happiness and joy in Heaven in the company of another carpenter I know. (Who learned the trade from His step father.)

God Bless You and your family!


Praying for the repose of your father’s soul.



Thanks His Little One and Phoenix

From the Book of Wisdom

The souls of the just are in the hand of God
and no torment shall touch them.
They seemed in the view of the foolish, to be dead;
and their passing away was thought an affliction
and their going forth from us, utter destruction.
But they are in peace.

For if in the eyes of men, indeed they be punished,
yet is their hope *full * of immortality;
Chastised a little, they shall be greatly blessed,
because God tried them,
and found them worthy of Himself.
As gold in the furnace, He proved them
and as sacraficial offerings He took them to Himself.

Those who trust in Him shall understand (this) truth
and the faithful shall abide with Him in love:
Because grace and mercy are with His holy ones,
and His care is with His elect.


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