Process of Entering Seminary


Hi Everyone. If I decide to enter the seminary right after high school, should I begin inquiring about it now? I am a junior in high school. I'm assuming they will want me to have had a vocational director/spiritual director for a while to show I have discerned. How do I go about this? When should I start inquiring?


Yes, if you feel you are called to enter the seminary out of high school, you should get a spiritual director now. Also see if the seminary has any retreats for young men in high school. I have to tell you though that most vocational directors, at least the ones I have talked to, recommend one sees the “real world” before entering the seminary. Going to college and possibly dating are two great ways to see if you are really called to the priesthood. Just a thought. However, all guys are different. Please check your PM’s. You are in my prayers.


Probably your first stop should be the diocesan vocations director - if you ask your parish priest he should be able to give you their details (incidentally, if you haven't already done so, you should also talk to your parish priest about discernment). The vocations director will be able to recommend a suitable spiritual director. the vocations director will also be able to tell you about any regular discernment group meetings which take place (highly recommended) and any Come and See / enquiry weekends taking place at the seminary which your diocese sends its students to.

Finally, I also observe that your vocations director may well prefer you to wait until a year or two after finishing school. I know from my own experience that being told to wait is never easy to accept but at the same time it can also be very beneficial. You don't necessarily have to go to college just as long as you do something (as opposed to sitting on the couch watching talk shows all day). You could work (like one of my classmates), travel, do voluntary work, etc.


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