Process of scientific verification of miracles


I read somewhere that the Catholic church has some type of scientific process for verifiying miracles. I think it has mostly to do with your canonization of people but am not sure.

I have searched several times about this on the web but not been able to find any real information about this. :o

Anyone out there know anything?


In the process of investigating the cause for sainthood of a particular person, the Church requires proof a miraculous phenomenon, usually cures of otherwise uncurable diseases.

If such instances are presented, the Magesterium thoroughly investigates the events submitted (miraculous cures). They will call on medical experts, testimony of witness, testimony of attending physicians, and all who can add credence and substance to the events.

Suggestion is to google the Vatican website and explore from there. Might try something like Pontifical council for the investigation of the cause of sainthood.

Sorry I can’t be more specific. But what you are looking for does exist.


At Lourdes, many people claim miraculous healing. In those cases, a doctor will examine the person. For it to be declared a miracle, the person would have to provide medical records to these doctors who then compare the other records to the condition of the patient now. These examinations are often not cursory but can be quite involved, such as cancer cures and so. In addition, significant follow up may be required.

Please take a look at this article from the Lourdes Medical Association.

Here is an article reviewing the miracles performed by a saint.

Hundreds of people claim miraculous healing at Lourdes. I did a quick search and have found 64 confirmed mircles at Lourdes. Look here.


Here is another example:

The Church body is called “Congregation for the Causes of Saints.” It makes certain that there is no other explanation for a miracle, calling in doctors and other scientific consultants as is appropriate in each case.

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I am very impressed by your quick search. I have looked at your references and they are also good but I would like to have more :blush:

So I have now and then made searches but not been able to find any more information that shows how this process of scientific verification of miracles is done nore have I found more examples. :crying:

The examples given in the reference to Lourdes are good but I would like to have more details. Especially it is of interest if these proofs such as X-rays before and after - or at least witnessed testimonies that they exist - are kept somewhere so that they can be independently verified and shown to exist.


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