Processes of beatification introduced decades ago


Often, when I’m informing myself about the lives of saintly people I admire, I read that their process for beatification was introduced in … Often these dates are in the 1980’s and 1990’s. That is always the last bit of information on the process I can find. Are these cases still in process? Were they rejected?

Is there any way one can get information on the status of processes for beatification of particular people?


it means that the vatican have started the process to make them blessed…that can only happen when they have the miracle/s that are proven to be divine then they will proceed…

the only way these people will move up the canonisation ladder is if people PRAY to them and ask them for favours so that the can do the required miracle…

if you want to find more info, juse google that holy persons name and that should bring up plenty of websites


So the process can be started before there are any miracles attributed to that person’s intercession?

That’s exactly the problem. There is no more info. Just the date when the processes were started. :shrug:


This website may help you: . It gives information on the current status of causes for beatification and canonization. Click on “Databases” at the left to get started.

Elsewhere in the website is information on the whole process for canonization (click on “The Process”), etc.


Thank you, this site is very helpful! :slight_smile:


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