Processional Candles & Candle Followers?

Does anyone here happen to know from experience if this style of draft-resistant candle follower works well? It looks very clean but does it hide too much of the candle’s flame? How about this style (it seems sort of complicated): or possibly even this style (looks somewhat cheap but it might be effective):

I need to set-up some draft-resistant processional candle-torches for my parish and I cannot afford a mistake. If you know of other draft-resistant candle followers that work well, I would appreciate a URL. Thanks.

I have seen the last one used before, it works well.

I think the last one is the type used at the parish I grew up at and at the parish I attended until very recently. It works quite well.

The first one looks similar to the one we use at my parish and it works just fine. You could also call around the other parishes in your area and ask which style they use.

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