Procreation and validity of Orthodox marriage

Do the Orthodox require intent to procreate as a requisite for marriage?

I ask this because I know that the Orthodox Church doesn’t ban contraception.

In a lot of religions contraception isn’t outright banned, but procreation is very much emphasized and expected within the community, like in Islam or Mormonism. I would imagine Orthodox families and communities would be very much the same

I don’t know about the Orthodox position, but do you know the Catholic church does not require “intent to procreate?” It requires the couple to be open to children, and to be free from “antecedent and perpetual impotence to have intercourse.”

You might want to take a look at

It doesn’t look like the Orthodox position (at least in America) is “intent to procreate” is a requirement. It does state control of conception is discouraged, and should only be considered after prayer and pastoral guidance.

The Orthodox marriage service is full of mentions of having children, so while I wouldn’t say it’s required it’s definitely assumed that you will.

What I was taught in catechism classes is that one must be open to children and only in very rare circumstances would marriage be allowed otherwise.

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